New Study Links Blood Chemicals to Stress

Dr. Devasis Ghosh and Anindita Guha’s study found that chemicals in our blood connect to how we handle stress. The study, “Platelet Serotonin Level: An Essential Role in Human Behavior, Stress Reaction and the Selection of Psychotropic Drugs”, shows how these chemicals affect stress. The study shows that two blood chemicals, serotonin and dopamine work together during stress.

This helps us understand stress better. Before, people thought these blood chemicals stayed the same from birth, but the study says stress changes them. They studied stressed people and grouped them by their chemical levels. They found that having too much or too little of these chemicals can mean a lot of stress.

Having a lot of one chemical e.g. serotonin can also mean having less of the other i.e dopamine and vice versa. Dr. Devasis Ghosh, the lead researcher, said, “Checking these chemicals can help us understand the stress. Looking at both helps doctors choose treatments.”

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