Acropolis Mall Ushers in Paila Baishaakh with A Bengali New Year Food Festival

The countdown to Paila Baisakh, Bengali New Year has started in right earnest. To celebrate the spirit of festival, Acropolis Mall, the Mall of Joy has announced “Nobobarsher Bhuri Bhoj”- a delectable food festival at its periphery. The festival will start  from 12th April and will continue till 16th April from 12 noon to 9 pm everyday.  The mall has been decked with traditional Bengali New  year décor to invite guests  to soak in  the spirit of  the festivity.
At a formal occasion,  Shri Soumitra Ray, eminent singer and founder member of noted bangla band Bhoomi , has inaugurated the festival  along with Shri K Vijayan, GM, Acropolis and Homeland today.
Nobobarsher Bhuribhoj  – the Bengali New  year special  food  festival would lure  gourmets with an array of innovative and all time favourite platters from brands like Hodol’s – a venture of actor and foodpreneur  Sourav Das, , Pithebilashi, Bhojon Bilashi,, Turkisyano, Mitra Cafe, New Bharat Sweets, ,Tamarind, Roy Pan Palace, Digha Fish Corporation, Banglar Doi

The food festival will tantalize foodies with a wide array of  dishes  ranging from traditional mutton and chicken biryani, Fried rice and Kolkata Chicken Kosha, Bhetki Paturi to innovative items from the stable of   Bengali’s favourite fish Elish  and Bhetki –  like ELISH KOCHURI .,ElISH BIRIYANI., VETKI KOCHURI ., BUTTER VETKI PATISAPTA…,CHEESE CHICKEN PATISAPTA… Dessert items that need special mention include NOLEN BAKED PATISAPTA…, MANGO NOLEN PATISAPTA…, CHOCO NOLEN PATISAPTA…., MUG PULI…, NOLEN ICE CREAM GOKUL., ICE CREAM LASSI. And  DABER PAYESH.  Varieties of Pan include  :
“Acropolis mall has already earned fame among the guests and patrons for its wide variety  of food festivals being organised through out  the year. This year we have started Bengali New Year Food Festival to be a part of the celebration of Bengali’s second biggest festival.. We have been innovating and organizing varieties of festivals for our guests for over seven years. Nobobarsher Bhurbhoj   has been conceptualised to herald the popular Bengali New Year  festival  in Kolkata  which will create a perfect reason for guests to congregate at the Acropolis Mall. We hope that shoppers can indulge in their summer shopping spree  at several fashion, apparel, gadget, consumer durable stores inside Acropolis Mall while enjoying the Bengali New Year decor and indulging in their gastronomic journey at the holi food festival. All our brands including Shoppers stop , Jack n Jones, Body Shop , Lotus , And, Crocs, Police , colorbar, Little Shop , Starbucks, Sketchers , Levis, Tata Croma, Indian Silk House, Barbeque Nation and many more are there to encourage shoppers with their merchandize amidst the lovely spring weather with nice breeze”, said K Vijayan, GM, Acropolis Mall .

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