India’s atmanirbharta with cacao !

The festive season, is usually a time to reward oneself, gift your loved ones and remind employees and their families about their positive contribution to the company’s performance and growth. This is usually done by gifting them their favourite products and/or experiences. We have noticed that the pattern of gifting has changed too! After hosting the largest Indian Bean to Bar live chocolate tasting session over the lockdown, Kocoatrait has curated a Gifting + tasting experience. For the 1st time in India, Kocoatrait now offers an opportunity to gift yourself, your loved ones or business associates across india, a box of sustainable chocolates in a eco friendly palm leaf box coupled with a LIVE, scheduled and guided Indian origin Bean to Bar chocolate appreciation/tasting session (via Zoom/Google Meet) with L Nitin Chordia, India’s 1st certified chocolate taster.



Highlights of the session:
  1. The live tasting session can host participants and their families from across India.
  2. Upon registration, Kocoatrait Zero Waste, sustainable & eco friendly chocolates will be shipped out to the employees in insulated & single-use plastic free packaging!
  3. The experience requires the participants to log in to virtual platform (Zoom/Google Meet) at a scheduled time after usual work hours at the comfort of their homes.
  4. The participants will be asked to introduced themselves and briefly share their good & bad chocolate experiences till date.
  5. An audio visual presentation of Indian bean to bar chocolate making process leads to several discoveries and learning for the participants.
  6. Specific chocolates from Kocoatrait range of chocolates will be selected and a guided chocolate tasting followed where L Nitin Chordia demonstrated how chocolates should be appreciated and enjoyed each chocolate with the participants.
  7. A discussion about each chocolate and everyones point of view makes for a interesting engagement.
  8. The participants are requested to rate their preferences using an online tool provided to them.
  9. The session helped Kocoatrait demonstrate to the audiences and change their perception about Indian Cacao and how atmanirbhar India is in cocoa.
  10. The session helped Kocoatrait demonstrate how chocolates can be sustainably made and delivered.
Price: Box of 5: Rs 1630; Box of 9: Rs 2980

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