Indian Cancer Society Launches ‘Rise Against Cancer’ Mobile App

The Indian Cancer Society (ICS), India’s largest anti-cancer NGO, unveiled its, groundbreaking ‘Rise Against Cancer’ mobile app. Supported by Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre (RGCIRC) and Roche Products (India) Private Limited, the Made in India app aims to bridge gaps, foster awareness, and unite communities for a cancer-free future.

According to GLOBOCAN, close to 1.3 million individuals are diagnosed with cancer annually, with nearly 800 thousand succumbing to the disease in 2020. Recognizing this alarming statistic, ICS has set a mission to reach 50% of the total adult population within the next decade, offering accurate information and counselling about cancer to facilitate early detection and cure.

Mrs. UshaThorat, National Managing Trustee of the Indian Cancer Society, emphasized, Cancer remains a pressing global health challenge, impacting the lives of millions in India and around the world. The proactive initiative by the ICS Delhi branch leverages the potential of mobile technology to offer comprehensive information and guidance to those affected by cancer and their families. On behalf of the National Managing Committee of the ICS, we take great pleasure in launching this distinctive app, accessible in five languages – Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali. Anticipate more features and languages to be seamlessly integrated in the coming phases.

Mrs. Jyotsna Govil, Chairperson of the ICS Delhi Branch, remarked, “In response to specific insights gleaned from community needs and the current demand, ICS has meticulously crafted this mobile application. The ‘Rise Against Cancer’ app is envisioned to empower individuals affected by cancer, allowing them to take charge of their health. Featuring diverse sections such as an information hub, resource library, events, community and support groups, along with a dedicated news and updates section, the app is currently accessible in five languages, covering information on four types of cancer at this stage.

ICS has worked for over seven decades to prevent cancer, provide financial assistance for treatment, and manage life post-treatment. It also offers valuable data through cancer registry services and publishes the esteemed Indian Journal of Cancer. The theme “Close the Care Gap,” ICS has launched this multilingual tool to empower individuals and communities in their fight against cancer.

Dr. Anita Borges, National Vice Chairman of ICS, expressed, “We are overjoyed to introduce the ‘Rise Against Cancer’ Mobile App. ICS has been at the forefront of the battle against cancer for the past seven decades, serving as a beacon of hope for thousands of underprivileged cancer patients. While most cancers can be effectively treated when detected early, pervasive lack of awareness, persistent myths surrounding this formidable disease, and the exorbitant costs of treatment often deter individuals from undergoing regular screening. We firmly believe that our collective positive actions will inspire people to stay ‘Two Steps Ahead of Cancer,’ fostering a proactive approach to early detection and intervention.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. D.S. Negi, CEO of RGCIRC, said, “We are committed to the fight against cancer and recognize the importance of preventive healthcare. We commend the ICS team for launching the ‘Rise Against Cancer’ app, which aim to enhance awareness and education on cancer prevention. Our partnership with ICS demonstrates our belief in the app’s potential to be a useful tool for the public. This aligns with our mission at RGCIRC, where innovative healthcare solutions are integral. Together, we aim to empower individuals with knowledge and transform the landscape of cancer prevention.”

Dr. Sudeep Gupta, Director, Tata Memorial Centre said, “We applaud the Indian Cancer Society on its initiative of the Rise Against Cancer Mobile App.”

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