Ahmedabad EuroSchool School students shine in CBSE class X exam this year

A leading network of schools, EuroSchool, Ahmedabad achieved 100% results in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams 2021. Despite cancellation of the examinations, students of EuroSchool Ahmedabad have excelled in this year’s CBSE class X board exams. Two girl students Sarisha Singhvi and Vrushti Kariya of EuroSchool grabbed 1st position with 97% and 96.5% respectively.


5 students secured percentages between 97% and 95.2% in this year’s class X Board exam. The 3rd topper of school is Sakshi Saran with 96.3%.


Gurinder Kaur, Principal, EuroSchool, Ahmedabad, said, “A heartfelt gratitude to all our students for their fabulous achievement! This is the 7th consecutive year our school has secured 100% results. Centuries ago, battles were fought with swords and shields. Today, battles are fought with knowledge and degrees. Congratulations on empowering yourself. During this lockdown, you all have gone through a lot- the way of studies changed, mode of tests changed, while we all were locked behind the doors of our houses, but, there is no doubt, that it is only because of your pliability and “never give- up” attitude of all the teachers has paved the way to achieve such a great success.Deeply acknowledge the support from our parents as well.”


Sarisha Singhvi, topper of EuroSchool, Ahmedabad, said, ” I feel overwhelmed, that I have been able to achieve this sensational feat. I would first like to thank my parents for creating an amazing ambiance at home and supporting me endlessly. Also, I would like to heartily thank all my teachers and principal ma’am for their immense support and guidance. This lockdown not just tested our limits, but also challenged the “normal ways of life”. Such a situation gave rise to my new favorite 10-letter word, “Resilience”. There is no doubt, that it is only because of our parents, teachers, and principal ma’am, that we were able to study and have our share of fun quite efficiently. With all this said, I would like to once again express my indebtedness to my parents, teachers, and principal ma’am for supporting me, and I hope that I always make all of you proud, justify your trust in me, and fulfill all your expectations.”


Vrushti Kariya, second topper of EuroSchool, Ahmedabad, said, “I knew what I wanted and I have achieved it. I am overwhelmed with joy to score such good marks in my Board Exams. I feel that all those times where I didn’t succumb to my procrastination but kept striving have paid off. The key is that you have to be stronger than your excuses. I would give the credit to my parents for supporting me and most importantly to my teachers and principal ma’am who have brought out the best in me and were always there for me.”



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