Your passion defines your career

Since last one year the entire world is going through a testing time. Questions pertaining to the physical and mental health are most crucial at this time. With these, there is another question that is dominating the minds of an entire generation – about the career that they are having. Will the job they are doing be with them? Or they will lose the job, which would subsequently hamper a lot of things from their lives? This is a burning question of this time and since we are asked about the same by fellow members of the industry, young stars and people at large, I thought of addressing the same.

The only thing that can define your career is how passionate you are towards your work. How open you are to learn from the mistakes you make and how adaptive you are with the changed world. If the answers are satisfactory to yourself, then you do not need to worry. Your career is in right hands. Your career is safe.

Here’s the supportive data from our end. We are a startup SaaS (Software as a service) firm that started its journey in 2016. In these five years, we have manifolded our employee strength from 2 to more than 100. And among these 100 people, more than 40 included in the company in last one year, amidst the global pandemic caused by corona virus (covid 19). So, for a company, not too old, but quite confident of their products, service and growth rate, almost 50% of our current employee strength are obtained in last one year. This includes people all across from fresher to senior levels. Apart from this, the regular financial module and increments happened in the company as per norms.

And I know for a matter of fact that we are not alone. There are many companies who are recruiting new people, giving appreciation for the hard work that the employees are doing and trying to stay put as a family. And this is all that makes difference. So, irrespective of whatever the national or global data says, please do not panic. Let your work talk for you. Let your learning and self-confidence complement you and your career. There are many people who are happily working, excelling and growing and you will be one of them too!

Hope this real life example will help you ‘think’ and ‘act’ as per the need of the hour.

May this testing time be over soon. May we all have a physically, mentally, spiritually and financially happy and healthy time ahead.

-Ms. Aunkita Nandi, Managing Director / Co Founder Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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