‘You have to know dreams to make advertising’: Advertising Guru Prahlad Kakar tells students


“Advertising is not about yesterday, advertising is about the future” stated Prahlad Kakar, the man behind iconic ads like Pepsi and Cadbury while visiting Heritage Group of Institutions this weekend for a master class on branding and advertising. The programme served as a warm-up for the prestigious AD ADDA 2022 competition, which is being held under the auspices of the Heritage Group of Institutions and is coordinated by the Department of Media Science at The Heritage Academy.Ad Adda is an “Advertising, Entertainment, and Public Relations” fest organized by The Heritage Academy

Mr. Kakar harped on the importance of tomorrow throughout his speech. The focus is on future. One must comprehend the future in order to be effective in advertising. “The future is the dreams of the young people of how they can better themselves, the Society and the Country,” said Mr. Kakar.

Mr. Kakar shared some classic instances like the oldPepsi ad – “Ye dil maange more” and Cadbury ad – “Kuch meetha ho jaye” to illustrate his point, saying that in order to make a successful advertisement, one must tap into the audience’s fantasies to craft a compelling narrative that will stick to their minds. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of storytelling to persuade the audience to purchase the product and ensure its success. Therefore, it is essential for a marketer to know the dreams of the young minds and create captivating narratives that can draw the audience, and this can only be achieved by delving deeply into the aspirations of today’s young.

The event began in the presence Shri Pradip Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Group of Institutions, Prof. Basab Chaudhuri, Principal, Heritage Institute of Technology, Prof. Gour Bannerjee, Principal, The Heritage Academy, Prof. Madhupa Bakshi, Dean, Department of Media Science, The Heritage Academy and other faculty.

More than 500 students and professors from numerous colleges and universities of  the State, like Adamas University, Amity University, St Xaviers, New Alipore college, Brainware University, SNU, and many others, attended the Master class.

“The session was wonderful and fascinating. Within a short time, I learnt that advertising is about good story-telling and attention to details. I thank Mr. Kakar for this wonderful session and would appreciate more such sessions in the future,” said a student from Amity University.


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