‘Yaarder Shonge- The festive song’- by Sunidhi Chauhan and Anupam Roy- Out Now!

McDowell’s No.1 Soda Yaari Jam Originals, has always been an enabler of deeper bonds and yaari with fascinating stories that are brought alive through music. This year, to celebrate the festivities, McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam Originals has roped in music sensations Sunidhi Chauhan and Anupam Roy and released – ‘Yaarder Shonge – The Festive Song’. The original is a celebration of Yaari and inclusivity that encourages everyone to be a part of the festive season by overcoming each other’s prejudices.

The new track has been written and composed by Anupam Roy. The music video has been created and produced by McDowell’s No. 1 Soda in collaboration with Hungama Digital Media Entertainment.

Earlier this year, the platform launched the popular song ‘Asli Yaari’ as a Friendship Day anthem with YouTube sensations SANAM, that has garnered over 30 million views and continues to rule the charts.

The latest original featuring Sunidhi and Anupam is a warm celebratory song about yaars overcoming the prejudices of “Bangaliyana” by including everyone to partake in the festivities to make it their own.

The much-awaited music video, scheduled to release on 4th October, cherishes the bond of friendships, evokes the tradition of inclusivity and abandoning age-old prejudices of rigid Bengali traditions and customs. The new “Bangaliyana” is the celebration of coming together of yaars who think beyond and make the culture more inclusive. The music video set against the backdrop of the vibrant and colourful city of Kolkata in all its glory.

Anupam Roy known for producing songs like ‘Bandhu Chol’, ‘Baria Dao’Ekbar Bol’, that brings alive the stories of relationships and bonds, has captivated the audience over the years. Pairing with the country’s favourite singer and Bollywood’s musical diva, Sunidhi Chauhan, the duo brings in their expertise to mesmerize the listeners with this original.

Talking about the launch of the original Anupam Roy said, “I have always believed that relationships, bonds and meaningful connections have made us who we are. Festivities are times when people get together and enjoy these moments. The coming together of yaars beyond boundaries makes the celebration more delightful. It was truly an enriching experience to create this track.”

Sunidhi Chauhan added, “Music is a platform that has the power of breaking all barriers, prejudices and bring all cultures together. I was thrilled when McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam presented me this opportunity to be a part of bringing forth the story of celebrating the bond of friendship and inclusivity. I hope every Bengali connects with this collaboration I have done with Anupam.”

Amarpreet Singh Anand, VP Marketing and Portfolio Head, Diageo India, said, “Anupam Roy and Sunidhi Chauhan are incredible talents. They are admired in the Indian music industry and equally loved by people in West Bengal. To partner with them and tell the stories of connections that are beyond communities, cultures and borders this festive season is special. Through original tracks like this and many more to come, McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam Originals aims to encourage yaars to get together and create their music.”

Siddhartha Roy, COO, Hungama Digital Media said, “Creating exceptional musical experiences is engrained in our DNA. Sundhi Chauhan and Anupam Roy are two of the most loved and followed musicians in India and we are glad to have them on board for Yaarder Shonge. We are excited to partner with McDowell’s No.1 and look forward to creating more magic in association with them.”

Soumini Sridhara PaulVice-President, Artist Aloud, Hungama Digital Media said, “It is an honour to work with Sunidhi Chauhan and Anupam Roy for such a special track. Independent and original content, of late, has gained momentum and is increasingly being sought by listeners. We are certain that Yaarder Shonge will be appreciated by listeners for its message and mesmerizing voices.”


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