Wushu has slowly but surely carved out its own niche in India

Wushu, essentially Chinese kung fu, incorporates punches, kicks, jumps, sweeps and throws, and has seen a phenomenal rise in the north and north east of India – especially in J&K and Haryana. The martial art has been contributing to the medals tally for India successively since the last three Asian Games. Indian players have also been consistent in podiums finishes in other international events.

The 19th Sub-Junior National WUSHU Championship-2019 is being held in the city of joy. There are two disciplines — taolu (demonstration of forms akin to kata demonstration in karate) and sanda (full contact fight).

Jai Kumar coach of Haryana Team said “Wushu is part of the national games. It’s simple, straightforward and for practical use.  It also makes you physically and mentally stronger and has vast employment opportunities.Wushu players are getting jobs under the government quota.”

Jageer coach of Delhi team said “People recognize it as a strong medal prospect. Girls in our state are drawn to the sport because it’s a powerful form of self-defence. It makes them feel empowered.”

One particular state, which has showcased immense prowess in Indian Wushu’s short history is Manipur. Apart from being a popular sport at the grass-root level, it has produced several national team players to represent India. Other Indian states after Manipur include Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh while Manipur is followed by states like Assam and Mizoram in North East India.

Tarunbala Khongbantabam coach of Manipur team said “We don’t treat it as a sport. It’s a part of our culture.Our  Wushu players are  bringing laurels to the nation.”

Md. Imam Azam, NSNIS Wushu Coach, SAI Kolkata  & International Coach, Shanghai University of Sports said “Our Wushu players have always done well in international championships whether it is Asian or the World Championship.This championship will boost the morale of other budding players.”

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