Writing, a liberating process for Joyita

Joyita Basak is the blogger behind Fashion Designer, influencer and blogger, she has maintained to follow her passion in between her study curriculum. She has her own painting gallery online. Painting is one of her inspirations to stay elated. She is also the Executive- Communications Script at Hoichoi (SVF).We caught up Joyita Basak.

What is writing to you?

Writing gives me inner peace as well as satisfaction. When I pour down my thoughts on the pages of the diary, it actually makes me happy about sharing my ideologies with the world. I started writing from early childhood but I never thought that I would be considering writing as a profession in the future. For me, writing means simply a beautiful & liberating process. I do share my words through my silent hours and thus my chaotic mind touches soothing moments. Each time, I write something new, I find satisfaction in creating and pouring my heart down. And when it comes to profession, my passion for writing signifies my love for the same. I love to create new ideas and tell stories to the world. That maintains my inner peace all through.

What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of blogging?

The term blogging was introduced to me while I was in high school and for me blogging never revolved around only writing something, it meant a world for me. Blogging has definitely changed my world, my views about the audience, and the space for writing. The most gratifying part of blogging is its feedback. It’s amazing when the audience comes up to me and shares how much they loved my blog. Another gratifying aspect of a blog is its liberty, I surely have the freedom of writing whatever I wish to portray. Sharing my stories, sharing my views about any current factors give me much freedom and don’t confine me in a valid space around.

How is script writing different from writing a story?

Though both the writings focus on the story, they possess a distinctness around basic processes. In the case of writing a story, I need to focus on the plot and the characters only, but during the screenplay, I have to visualize the script. I have to make a special note about how the audience would react to my situation. As screenplay is something much different than the story which focuses on the flow of audio-visual stories, so I always keep in mind how interactive and how interesting a conversation can be. The more enigma I can bring through the script, it will make the whole story convincing.

What is the most important aspect of building a great character? What experiences from your life influence your characters?

I carefully follow the term that content is the king. The whole presentation stands upon how you create a plot and its characters. So while writing down a new story,  I always focus on building significant character for my story which will also relate to the audience. Character and plot are inseparable because, without a sense of who the character is, what they value, the audience won’t be able to accept the impact of the story. Creating fictional characters has been always fun for me as each time I do the same, it helps me out to signify my sense of life and surroundings.


My characters always resemble some percent of me, I try to portray my creations which will have my morality and ideology within them. I am a vivid reader, I try to read every genre of books, so I get a clear idea of life and its choice of characters. Apart from that, I try to get influence by everything surrounding me which helps me to get updated about current affairs and I try to incorporate this trend with my character up gradation.


A new wave of female screenwriters is bringing real and women characters to films and web shows. What are your thoughts?

Female screenwriters have always been creating lots of impactful shows and films around the globe. I have been a huge fan of Juhi Chaturvedi & Zoya Akhtar when it comes to writing stories. They have been part of huge B town films, and when it comes to authenticity they keep their work so real and significant. And nowadays, female-centric characters are a prominent part of pivotal films. Taapsee, Bhumi Pednekar, Deepika and Alia all have done quite a number of women-centric films for the past few years and they all have been inspiring. I think the way of presenting women has changed through the years, it is not only bound to glorify someone’s character as a typical heroine now, but we can also see pivotal female characters in films and shows nowadays, that way has changed a lot. I am looking forward to watching more and more films like this and I hope to create some inspiring films in near future.

How much responsibility do you think influencers have to ensure they are being honest and transparent with their audiences? Should they be responsible for the effects their social feeds have on their audiences?

Influencers are always audience-driven, we try to inspire our audience in terms of our content. So it’s a huge responsibility, to be honest enough about every situation out there. But we are not soulfully responsible for the effects on the audience as people accept from their point of view. We can’t change the view of society, we try to inspire as many we can, but if we fail to do so, we don’t like to create a negative way around.

What has been your best working experience till date.

I never had any connection in the film industry, so I still remember the day while I got a call from a friend to work for a production house. I am so grateful to Susanta da to give me the opportunity to work for the Tent cinema. The first experience always matters, so working for Tent Cinema will always remain close to my heart. I will surely cherish that for the years to come. As I was a newcomer, still I am, but I am trying to learn the process of filmmaking through my experiences. As I am not from a film background, in fact, I am an engineer, so I never had any clue how this industry works, but working for my debut project that too for Bollywood tv will always be in my heart.


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