Wow! Momo Plans to Make Ebar Pujo #WowPujo with their New Campaign

The tune of Agomani is a little more than just a religious tune. It is a soft reminder for home coming, find your roots and reconnect. As the city prepares itself for the grand festivities, Wow! Momo has come up with an amazing campaign, where they plan to make Pujo, a #WowPujo for those who have to spend these days of festivity all alone.


It is definitely the spirit of coming back to your home to your loved ones that makes Durga Puja a wow celebration.Wow! Momo beautifully depicts this emotion through their campaign.


Communal harmony and social participation irrespective of religions & community is something that has made Durga Puja a unique festival and through this campaign, Wow! Momo highlights that factor as the Wow Army takes their time to make people around the city happy.


Mr. Muralikrishnan, CMO and Co-Founder Wow!Momo stated, ” Sticking to the brand credo of More Wow Every Day; we have bought out the human part of the brand in a simple manner, marrying the eternal symbol of celebration and human bond that is Pujo, that’s what the campaign brings on to the table!”


The Wow! Family has become one of the most loved QSR chain brands in India, since its inception in the year 2008. Recently they have also come up with Wow! China & Wow! Chicken, this too has become an integral part of every celebration owing to its unique taste and price factor.

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