World’s first CRYO treatment for hair now in the city of joy

KeraSoul launched world’s first ever CRYO Detox treatment for Hair in the city of joy by Internationally-acclaimed Celebrity Hairstylist Savio John Pereira. The launch event also showcased a special fashion show with models styled by the hairstylist.

KeraSoul is a brain child of Manisha & Sankalp Chopra, conceived as their constant research to find a solution for their son’s suffering from Eczema with itchy scalp. While her research, Manisha met Savio and discussed about the most common complaints he comes across as a hairdresser. Thus, Manisha used her technical expertise as an Organic chemist and Sankalp’s Brand creation skills created the 1st of its kind CRYO Detox treatment in the world KeraSoul. Savio tried and tested KeraSoul product line at each and every step making sure it meets the world standards and does what it claims.

KeraSoul is a one stop solution for all your hair & scalp problems may it be Hair Fall, Bald Patches, Itchy Scalp, Dandruff, chemical & Heat damage, product build up, oily scalp, dry ends, damaged cuticles etc. The idea behind the CRYO Detox treatment is to detoxify your hair completely providing Health to hair naturally. It is an inverse Cooling technology where the CRYO is used at -196 degree Celsius not only to stimulate collagen but also to seal the hair cuticles with nutrition.

The KeraSoul CRYO detox treatment works on the principal of CLEANSE-NUTRITION-SEAL. The treatment is used to cleanse the scalp and hair first which your daily shampoos cannot perform, followed by providing the most potent nutrients and Vitamins to hair including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Protein, Collagen and finally sealing them in the Hair follicles & cuticles, promoting Hair growth.

At KeraSoul, we believe that the mother nature has the power to Heal. There is a possibility of healing naturally. In today’s world colouring hair, using chemicals for various hair treatments, heated hair tools & chemically treated water is a part of life but the damage that comes along with it is painful but still ignored, which leads to thinning of hair, brittle hair ends, patchy hair colour, tremendous hair fall, bald patches & itchy scalp to name a few. KeraSoul Detox treatment will not only remove the toxins & gunk from the scalp, unclog hair follicles but also strengthen the hair bonds & deoxidise hair of patchy hair colour while balancing the natural oil & scalp PH Level.

KeraSoul CRYO Detox treatment is the 1st of its kind in the world (patent pending) In-salon treatment where the client can experience the cold fumes in their hair and find their hair frozen to heal & shine. It’s different from using Ice or Icy cold water on hair, as Ice is formed at Zero degree Celsius, therefore, it does not have power to seal or heal the way CRYO does with the help of CRYO activator Serums.

KeraSoul CRYO Detox treatment is created keeping in mind the most common Hair problems and a challenge to create the solution naturally.

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