World University of Design embraces new entrants with an Immersive Inception, A New-Age Induction Programme!

As the new academic session for students across the country begins, World University of Design is all set with its arms wide open for the freshmen of year 2021-22 with Immersive Inception – a unique induction programme that is in sync with UGC’s Deeksharambh. The induction programme will start on July 19th, 2021.

In its second year now, the ‘Immersive Inception’ programme of WUD will make an attempt to supersede last year’s success and come forth as a comprehensive way by which the new entrants to the university will be helped in acclimatizing with the new environment that will soon become their home. Designed for a span of nearly six weeks and in accordance with the SAGE doctrine (Socializing, Associating, Governing and Experiencing), the programme will achieve its objective in two phases.

The first phase will work on the aspects of experiencing and socializing giving the students an immersion in various aspects of design, like animation, films, AR/VR, Automobile Dynamics & Design, Fashion Design,  Digital and Interaction Design etc on one hand and getting them to meet each other, seniors and professionals from the field on the other. For more experiential nurturing students will be brought to attend workshops everyday in smaller groups encouraging socializing, discussions and interactions.

The second phase will make the students plunge deep into the world of WUD, strengthening their association with the university and their choice of school, as also to familiarize them with the rules and regulations prevalent within the premises, governance issues, student support and so on. Through a series of cultural and creative arts, literary activities and other extracurricular activities, students will be oriented toward the kind of life they should be expecting of themselves in the upcoming tenure of the course they wish to pursue, including a brief visit to the local area.

Explaining the unique programme, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Vice Chancellor of World University of Design said “Induction programmes, as exciting and simple they may sound, are to be treated with utmost care & seriousness. It is a critical time for a student who creates a vision of his future in this period which can immensely be enhanced by the right kind of mentoring. Once again WUD is creating a benchmark on how design education can be taken forward in the country.

Immersive Inception will help students build up a perception, make up their mind, and learn to handle the various troughs and mounds that will always accompany them through their lives at the university and beyond – like peer pressure, relationships with associates, human needs (self and body), their expectations of themselves and those of their families, aspirations and prosperity.

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