World Theatre Day saw a bouquet of innovative canvas designs of Theatre Posters.

A drama festival organized by the Bengal Association to celebrate World Theatre Day was held on Sunday 7th April 2024 at Muktadhara Auditorium in New Delhi. The festival successfully brought together 20 theatre groups from Delhi-NCR, as it has done in previous years.

The festival showcased the traditional richness of Bengal’s literature, art, and culture in a brief time slot of 20 minutes for each of the 20 Microplays presented. These plays spanned a variety of genres, including satire, musicals, comedy, thriller suspense, and romance, and explored important topics such as women’s issues, children, and various social relationships.

World Theatre Day is a platform that encourages playwrights, directors, and artists to think beyond conventional theatre and experiment with new ideas. It provides an opportunity to motivate young artists, and most importantly, to bring back audiences to theatre halls. In this spirit, the Bengal Association partnered with “Shilp Sanstuti,” an organization working to promote Visual and Performing art forms, to organize a “Theatre Canvas Poster Design” competition for all participating theatre groups. The competition aimed to create high-quality posters that could quickly capture the attention of a target audience and leave a lasting impression. Eminent personalities from the art and theatre world, including Prof. Niren Sengupta, Padmashri Prof. Biman Bihari Das, Chairman of AIFACS, theatre activist Shri Ashish Ghosh, and actor, writer, and production designer Shri Naresh Gautam, served as judges for the competition.

Shri Sujeet Shyam and Shri Rahul Mukherjee of Shilp Sanstuti explained the importance of this competition that in an era where the charm of poster design is fading, we aim to reignite its allure and empower designers to create impactful communication artwork. It helps in reviving the art of poster design and celebrates the essence of theatre. We can support our plays and artisans both by showcasing talent and creativity through this competition, which marks the beginning of a movement to bring back the magic of communication design.

According to Prodip Ganguly, Secretary of the Bengal Association, “The first-ever Theatre Canvas poster design competition of this kind held outside of Bengal was highly appreciated by all. It was thought of to preserve Bangla art and culture, which our Bengal Association is thriving on.”

“The competition aimed to revive the art of poster design and support plays and artisans,” he added.

The winners of the Theatre Canvas Poster Design competition were the People’s Theatre Group and Drama Society Aakriti, while the runners-up were the Srijanee Socio-Cultural Association, Sansaptak, and Japon Chitro. Three kids, Aanvi Bhadra, Pratyasha Guha, and Nandish Das of Bikalpa theater, received a special mention for their paintings used in their poster, which earned them the Critics’ Choice award.

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