World Lung Day 2021: Care for Your Lungs


The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world aware of how deadly respiratory viruses can be. In reality, respiratory infections have been with us for a very long time and will continue to be a major source of human suffering and death.

Apart from viruses, there are many other sources of respiratory infection that cause much human disease. These include bacteria, fungi and other organisms that may infect the upper airways (nose, sinuses and throat) and/or, more worryingly, the lower airways and lungs (such as bronchitis and or pneumonia).

They can cause lung symptoms such as cough, fast breathing, green sputum and breathlessness, as well as general symptoms such as fever, feeling ill and weight loss. Chest pain while breathing or coughing may also occur.

“Covid has reiterated the importance of the saying ” health is wealth” and having a healthy pair of lungs is so much more important in covid era . Covid may affect lungs in mild, moderate or severe ways and most people have a degree of shortness of breath or cough persisting post covid. Eating a low carbohydrate diet, active respiratory muscle retraining by doing breathing exercises, walking for 30 minutes , taking flu vaccination and taking appropriate treatment for comorbidities and leading a healthy lifestyle all help in rebuilding lung health. Encouraging people to quit smoking may be your good deed of the day !”- Dr. Sushmita Roy Chowdhury, Pulmonology, Fortis Hospital, Anandapur

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