World Heart Day : Heart Health a Rising Concern Today

Heart disease is an old problem we are fighting against, but one of the leading cause of death and now in the new era of Covid 19 pandemic we see more fatalities as well as hospital admissions with heart disease with corona virus infection. The corona virus specially damages the lungs as well as blood vessels and already damaged arteries may become suddenly closed in this process. Another very important issue is health care utilization. It is not easy to manage a patient of Covid 19 having heart attack, so identification and treatment of patients who are having significant disease in time may help the situation. However vaccines may help to ease the situation, so it is mandatory to be vaccinated at the earliest.


Current trends have seen a sudden rise in heart attacks in the younger population. One of the hypothesis may be thrifty gene phenotype, which states that babies who are born with low birth weight and suddenly catches up growth in early childhood, they develop more aggressive atherosclerosis. In our country the childhood obesity has become prevelant due to more educational pressure and lack of exercise, use of junk foods and beverages. This also leads to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension and premature coronary artery disease. When such a person undergoes vigorous exercise protocol can lead to catastrophy.


Prevention is beyond control of a physician. We can treat patients by proper identification and necessary intervention. For prevention national and state policies are to be made. By and large in our country one must be aware of the common symptoms of heart disease or test properly for diabetes and hypertension and consult their doctors. If there is vascular disease it should be treated by angioplasty / CABG and proper medical therapy should be continued which can prevent disasters.


Now a days intravascular imaging and newer generation stents and evolving technological advances for plaque modifications made percutaneous interventions easier, long lasting and safe. Hence, proper treatment should be initiated as early as possible.

-Dr Shuvanan Ray, Fortis Hospital, Anandapur 

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