World-class liver disease treatment

Kolkata headquartered Medica Hospitals has propelled the ‘Medica Center for Liver Disease’ in relationship with the eminent South Asian Liver Institute (SALi), a Tom Cherian activity.

Medica and South Asian Liver Institute (SALi) mutually intend to bring liver sickness treatment and liver transplantation in the eastern area comparable to the best on the planet. They mutually want to get astounding morals, preparing, nature of restorative information, and specialized aptitudes, at a cost that makes such treatment an alternative.

Kolkata headquartered Medica Hospitals has propelled the ‘Medica Center for Liver Disease’ in relationship with the famous South Asian Liver Institute (SALi), a Tom Cherian activity.

The organizer Prof. Dr. Tom Cherian was already the National Director of HPB Surgery and Liver Transplantation, in one of India’s biggest emergency clinic chains. He presently keeps on being the Professor of Transplant medical procedure at the esteemed Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), in Hyderabad, having begun the liver transplant program there. He had finished more than 400 liver transplants in England before his arrival to India, where he has finished a further 250 transplants. In particular Prof Tom Cherian and his group have in the course of the most recent 5 years accomplished over 90% survival for their transplant beneficiaries. These results are tantamount to the outcomes from the best liver units on the planet. Additionally, in the last 50 liver resections, Prof Tom Cherian has accomplished for liver diseases, their mortality or demise rate was among the least, in spite of the way that they have played out the absolute most complex liver malignant growth resections in the nation.

Medica Center for Liver Disease means to meet a developing prerequisite for treatment of liver conditions, including transplant, in Eastern India. The Center is prepared to deal with most ailments of liver, pancreas and nerve bladder. Medica’s liver transplant program will include both living and dead body benefactors. Medica is among a not very many clinics in the locale with far reaching offices for treatment of complex liver ailments transplant medical procedure.

This is an extraordinary expansion to the current liver malady supervisory group at Medica, driven by the accomplished Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist Dr Pradeepta Kumar Sethy, Director of Gastroenterology, Medica Superspecialty Hospital. “It is without a doubt an auspicious choice to concoct the Center for Liver Diseases. Most likely, we can have a focussed comprehensive methodology in managing patients experiencing such illnesses and ailments,” said Dr Sethy.

Discussing The Medica Center for Liver Disease, Prof (Dr.) Tom Cherian, Founder, South Asian Liver Institute (SALi) said “We need to attempt to make the treatment of liver malady, WORLD CLASS. What’s more, what is world class? It just implies there must be no distinction in the treatment of a patient with liver illness between Kolkata and London. I guarantee to make each treatment that I used to perform in London for liver infection, in the long run accessible here in Kolkata! We have officially treated a few patients from Kolkata, who are progressing admirably and back in the city currently, yet needed to go far beforehand for their treatment. I am happy we can carry this treatment to this extraordinary city, which merits an eminent liver administration.”

Dr. Alok Roy, Chairman, Medica Group of Hospitals stated, “This Center for Liver Diseases is an immense advance, and I accept, this is an achievement in Kolkata and Bengal as well as in Eastern India all in all. We have a fabulous group of specialists, specialists, and framework to manage liver ailments and related confusions.”

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