Workshop on Anchoring as Career Option

 Renowned Emcee, Anneysha Thakker organized a workshop on Anchoring as a new career option nowadays in the esteemed presence of famous RJ Praveen and RJ Vineet at Institute of Management Study today.

Anchoring has emerged as a popular career option in the country with the entry of satellite channels, with several news as well as entertainment channels coming up day by day. The field is quite lucrative for successful anchors in the field. Anchors are the mediators between the channel and the audience. They are not only mere presenters, but are required to have updated knowledge about the world around them. Be it entertainment or sober news presentations, they must have the quality to engage the viewers throughout the programme. The task of news reading and presenting a program is a challenging field. An anchor is responsible for not only providing information, but also needs to ensure that program is delivered in an entertaining manner.

Mrs. Anneysha Thakker is a well known Emcee and she has been in this field since years now. She is one of the leading emcees of India. She has professional experience of anchoring for more than 1000 events ranging from corporate, sports, entertainment to weddings and social events. Anchoring is emerging as a bright career these days for students. Mrs. Thakker beautifully engaged the students in participating in the workshop where she gave detailed information on anchoring and how it can be taken as a career.

Speaking on this occasion Mrs. Anneysha Thakker said, “I have been anchoring since years now. When a student wishes to take up anchoring as his/her career, it is important that he/she should start the preparation right from the college days itself. The first and foremost thing to remember here is that there should not be any stage fear or crowd fear.  Anchoring is a talent-based profession; it requires a good command over language and a good sense of humour .

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