BIG FM, one of the largest radio networks in the country, has come up with yet another campaign that drives forward engagement with its listeners. With Kolkata being a city rich in culture, art, music sport, etc. the radio station offers listeners from the city the chance to win prizes by testing their knowledge of the city via its campaign – WIN BIG – The Khanti Bangali Challenge. Spreading the hyperlocal theme of City Pride in the City of Joy, the campaign will be led RJ Nilanjan and supported by other RJ’s like RJ Khas Koushik, RJ Pamela and RJ Sumanta.

BIG FM’s core belief is to spread cheer in the lives of its listeners and it is especially important to do so, given the current stressful environment. The month-long campaign will see the radio station run hourly contests from 9am-2-7pm, which is a subtle reminder of the brand’s frequency, that will offer listeners a host of hourly prizes. The fun contest, over the course of the day, shall test the listeners’ knowledge of how well do they know the city of Kolkata and its heritage and culture. This engaging contest shall also be amplified via the digital medium as one daily contest shall be run by the local RJ on their social media profile. In addition to the daily prizes that are up for grabs, WIN BIG also presents listeners the chance to take home mega prizes in the morning and evening shows.

Speaking on the campaign/initiative, BIG FM Spokesperson said, “Over the years, BIG FM, through its initiatives and campaigns, has gone on to create an impact in society and earn a special place in the hearts of listeners in Kolkata. The Win BIG contest is yet another step in a direction that cements our bond and connects with them. Kolkata is a city known for its rich heritage and testing the listener’s knowledge was the best way to reach out and connect with them on a personal level.”

Throughout the day, listeners will get various opportunities to interact with their favourite RJs from the city, be part of the highly-engaging and interactive activities along with the chance to claim a host of Bumper Prizes.

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