Will Nandigram incident be lucky for Mamta? Know what the experts say

Desk: In the wake of the Trinamool Congress and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s injuries in Nandigram, the general election unrest in the province has received new direction. While Mamata described the incident as a conspiracy, the opposition party called it a game. It is believed that this could affect the election figures. According to political analysts, this could also help or be harmful to Trinamool.

Moidul Islam, a political analyst and assistant professor at the Center for Study in Social Sciences, says that if Banerjee stays in bed due to injury, it could definitely be dangerous for Trinamool. TMC could get sympathy votes for the incident, but it is difficult to say how many will attend. Apart from this, and how TMC is able to maintain the momentum of its election campaign after Mamata Banerjee’s injury will also be seen.

Whether Mamata is in the field or not, makes a very huge difference. Mamta is the one who is able to motivate staff. ‘she charged them’. Mamta’s injury is also important as the first round of elections is in Purulia, Bankura, and Jhargram districts. These are the regions where Trinamool’s performance in the last Lok Sabha election was weaker than that of BJP.

In that case, getting Mamta tied to a bed would be difficult for these seats. With regard to sympathetic votes, it is clear that TMC will fully work to get it. The public will be informed of how many times Mamata Banerjee was attacked. Her familiar background will also be discussed. But how effective it will be or how opponents will be able to eradicate the spirit of this Trinamool propaganda, it is quite difficult to predict at this moment of time.

Political analyst Vimal Shankar Nanda says the strategy for organizing the event could be both helpful and risky. It is unlikely that Trinamool will be able to benefit. He further added that there was a lot of controversy over the alleged incident. But senior leaders of the ruling party called it a conspiracy. At the same time, eyewitnesses to the media call it as an accident.

There is a possibility of violence. Whether it was a conspiracy or an accident, the truth of the matter will be revealed soon. If this accident is confirmed later, the good news will still not go away. This will not enhance the image of Trinamool even if it is marked by violence.

If this danger is proved, Trinamool will have to answer why it is called a conspiracy. It should also be told how the West Bengal Chief Minister’s security cordon was broken and pushed. It all depends on the public perception. But if a political party wants to change public opinion in an informed way, then it can be dangerous. One cannot simply say that sympathy will be able to get votes in the Trinamool incident.

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