Who are the people behind the delivery of your packages? Borzo’s survey report sheds light on the Gig Delivery workers

 Global same-day delivery company, Borzo (erstwhile WeFast), has released a Gig Delivery survey report titled “Understanding the life of gig delivery partners,” to provide valuable insights into the life of gig workers by understanding their motivations, communication preferences, satisfaction levels, lifestyle, hobbies, and interests.

The gig economy has emerged as a game-changer in the world of work. Gig delivery workers play a prominent role in the economy ensuring seamless delivery of goods across categories for various tech-enabled businesses. India’s growing network of gig delivery workers, estimated to be around 7.7 million and increase to 23.5 million by 2029-30.

India’s vast regional connect and its root with culture reflects in the workforce’s preference to communicate in the language of comfortability.  The survey reveals that gig delivery workers prefer to communicate in the local language which includes Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Awadhi, Urdu, Kannada, Telugu, Odia, Haryanvi, Maithili, Marwari, Malayalam to name a few.

The survey’s focus on gig worker’s life outside the delivery space viz their hobbies and interests shows that 34% of the workers enjoy working out at the gym, 19% like social service or help in social causes, 15% prefer listening to music, and 13% like playing and watching sports. India being the Cricket frenzy nation, 71% gig workers prefer Cricket over other sports. Other hobbies also include poetry, cooking, repairs, coding, religious service, etc.

The survey report highlights that 84% of gig workers prefer the local language while delivering orders, and 82% prefer local language for online interaction on the delivery app. Borzo emphasizes the importance of adopting local languages on delivery apps to create an easy and seamless flow of delivery, building comfort, trust, and loyalty amongst the customers and gig workers.

The report finds that 57% of gig delivery workers have a job other than performing only deliveries while 43% perform deliveries full-time. 36% of gig workers choose to stay in the delivery profession due to good earnings, 10.5% prefer flexibility to log in and log out which acts as a motivator for them.

56% of gig delivery partners work in tandem for multiple service oriented companies like Blue Dart, Delhivery, Blink it, Swiggy Instamart, Big Basket etc. Food and grocery products are the largest delivered items but 32% gig partners prefer delivering documents and categorized it as easy to handle. 56% of gig workers find the job of being a delivery partner absolutely satisfying despite delivering for multiple apps and consider it to be a good profession due to good earnings.

Borzo wants to bring focus on the gig delivery worker’s community who toil in isolation, facing various challenges at the workplace, and highlight the need to support and improve their working conditions.

Speaking about the survey and its significance, Mr. Eugene Panfilov, General Manager, Borzo, India shared, “India is known for its multiculturalism and rich diversity. India’s gig economy in the delivery profession has drastically changed with the entry and scale of multiple players. There is a need for deeper understanding of this profession that can help solve various pain points.”


Mr. Eugene Panfilov further added that, as Borzo expands its operations in India, they recognize the importance of Borzo’s group of riders who bring diverse culture and add immense value to the organization. With a region focused approach, they are tailoring their marketing strategies accordingly. Language preference is a key consideration in this regard and they are working to provide support to their gig delivery partners that makes communication easier for them.



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