Walk for Mental Health

When it comes to our mental health, we are on a spectrum. It’s not just a simple yes/no diagnosis. Our mood, stress levels, well-being and how we act fluctuate depending on the circumstances in our lives, and this is the case even for those who live with a diagnosis of a long-term mental health problem. Our well-being can move from a point of struggling to a point of thriving. On a fundamental level, this personal experience is about our quality of life.

Mental health is also a big part of our identity, affecting many aspects of our day-to-day lives: our relationships, work, and education. We know that kids with mental health problems have worse educational outcomes, adults with high levels of stress are less productive at work, and people who are experiencing a mental health problems are more likely to feel or be lonely and isolated.

So it makes sense to do as much as possible to protect our mental health.

The World Psychiatric Association Regional Congress held a walkathon from Academy of Fine Arts. The walkathon started from 6:00 a.m. and was 2.2 km and named it “Walk for Mental Health” with the motto of spreading the awareness – No health without mental health. Children of mental disorder and students of various schools along with doctors from the World Psychiatric Association walked in the walkthon.

Among the guests were Dr. Gautam Saha, Organising Chairperson, Prof. Afzal Javed President World Psychiatric Association, Dr. Edmond Pi, Organising Chairperson, Dr. G. Prasad Rao Chairperson Scientific Committee, Dr. Pichet Udomratn Chairperson Scientific Committee. To grace the event Nusrat jahan, Member of Legislative Assembly was also present.

This is the opportunity to become the advocate for patients with mental health illness and highlighting and sensitizing the general population on the mental health issues.

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