Voltas invites the “City of Joy” to celebrate good health, comfort and convenience this Durga Puja

Voltas, the undisputed market leader for Air-Conditioners & Cooling products in India, and Voltas Beko the new promising brand in the Home Appliances category, unveil a host of attractive Consumer Offers for this festive season of 2020. To support this launch & offer, the brands have also launched an extensive media campaign, amplifying the mediums, multifold times across genres.

This Durga Puja, to make the process of owning a new product easier for customers, the company has launched its Mahotsav Offer, through which customers can avail attractive Cash Back offers through various Credit & Debit Cards, easy Finance Schemes through NBFCs, and Extended Warranty Schemes, on all their products. With an effort to increase access to Voltas & Voltas Beko products, the brands have introduced multiple finance offers, which include 10% Cash back on select Credit & Debit Cards from multiple banks, and Easy EMI Finance offer through NBFCs. Consumers will also witness a visually appealing display of new range of Voltas and Voltas Beko products, comprising of Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, Commercial Refrigerators, Water Dispensers, Water Coolers, Air Purifiers, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwaves and Dishwashers.

As a part of the celebration, the market leader has also launched a series of new models, in the Home Appliances and Cooling Products categories, for its valuable customers. This is an extension of the brand’s commitment towards the upkeep of the nation through product innovation. Voltas has throughout the pandemic been ensuring the upkeep of the nation through its engineering project solutions for hospitals, urban mobility, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and IT companies.  Now, the AC brand has further reinforced its leadership position in the Cooling Products space, by launching the new Voltas PureAir AC, a UV based split inverter AC. The Voltas Maha Adjustable PureAir AC comes with state of the art SuperUVC LED system which quickly disinfects the indoor air by killing germs and pathogens like virus and bacteria. Voltas PureAir AC also removes harmful gases and VOC (Volatile organic compounds) from indoor air to make the air healthy for human consumption.

Adding on to the festive cheer, Voltas Beko has launched some special Instagram initiatives, urging people to celebrate Durga Puja from the comfort of their homes. As all of us strive to fight the pandemic, the brand has launched a special Instagram filter and contest for Durga Puja, encouraging its audience to virtually seek blessings of the goddess through the Durga Pujo 2020 Instagram filter.

To use the filter, people simply need to search for the ‘Durga Pujo 2020’ filter by Voltas Beko and tap to unveil Ma Durga. For participating in the contest, people first need to follow Voltas Beko on Instagram (, try the Durga Pujo filter and find themselves at the heart of the celebration. The filtered photo can then be shared with friends and family, as the best entries will win Bluetooth speakers.

The Voltas 2020 AC product range also includes over 87 SKUs, with 52 SKUs in Inverter ACs, 21 in Split ACs and 14 in Window ACs, besides Cassette and Tower ACs. Along with this, Voltas has also launched 10 SKUs in its popular Adjustable AC range. The company has also launched 30 SKUs of its Voltas Fresh Air Coolers with Smart Humidity Controller and Honeycomb Cooling Pads, under various sub-categories such as Personal, Window, Tower and Desert Air Coolers. The Company also strengthened its overall portfolio by introducing 60 SKUs of Commercial Refrigeration products, including Convertible Freezer, Freezer on Wheel and Curved Glass Freezer. The company has launched 17 SKUs of Water Dispensers, and 30 SKUs of Water Coolers. The company is also launching its new range of Air Purifiers this season, comprising of 3 SKUs.

Through its new Home Appliances brand, Voltas Beko, the company has launched 99 SKUs of Refrigerators including the recently launched Direct Cool refrigerator, which have witnessed a huge traction throughout the country. Voltas Beko launched 13 SKUs of Front Load Washing Machines with Stain Expert Technology, 10 SKUs of Top Load Washing Machines with Dual Power Rain feature and 9 SKUs of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines, with Double Waterfall feature. The brand also launched 3 SKUs of Dishwashers, which has witnessed huge success recently; and 7 SKUs of Microwaves.


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