Vocational training for slum girls


Paigham Radio Vocational Training centre was inaugurated at Martin Para area in Panchannagram, Kolkata. Tailoring and cutting course , self defense training and computer classes would be offered.The centre will provide muslim girls from the slum community such as girls who have dropped-out of school or  illiterate  the opportunity to learn vocational skills. Due to poverty and high unemployment, most girls are married off at an early age. Marrying at earlier ages means an increased risk of early motherhood which is associated with adverse health behaviors and outcomes. This training  will provide girls  with an alternative source of income and/or additional income for their families. This ability to contribute and provide for themselves and their families is an important step in empowering them to take control of their lives.

“We firmly believe that skill-based education is much-needed besides providing basic education. It is essential for girls. If they possess vocational skills they will come as handy for livelihood whenever there is a need. The skills may make them entrepreneurs too.” said M A Ali the centre head. His vision to make it a bigger institution and hopes for funds which would make his dream come true so that he can serve the other slum girls.

He thanked Nisar Smiler Radio Paigham for his support for buying the tailoring machines.

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