Veteran Karate practitioner awarded with International Sports Award 2019

Arup Dasgupta maybe 64 years old, but he is agile, energetic and dons multiple roles, in life, with ease. The secret behind his youthfulness is something that he pursues with much intensity and passion — Karate. Last month he was awarded with the International Sports Award 2019 by the World Mixed Martial Art Council (UK) during the World Meet 2019 at Bangkok.

“I’m so honored to receive the award. It was such a humble experience to receive the award in presence of Grandmaster Nisar Smiler President of the World Mixed Martial arts Council and Poodwan Oonthani (Captain of Thai Police). I was very proud to represent India in this global platform.” said Arup.


Arup Dasgupta started learning Karate way back in 1972 from Dadi Bulsara who was credited with introducing full contact karate in India. In 1976, Arup went to UK for studies. There he learnt secret techniques of karate from a Buddhist monk named  Mahavir Prasad. When he returned back he started learning from Harish Chandra and finally from Karate Coach  M. A. Ali (World Champion 1988).

Talking about the present scenario of Karate, Arup said “Many Karate centres are mushrooming in various parts of the city .Real Karate is more than just kicks and punches.It strongly relies on physical coordination and mental focus.Concentration is one of the key elements involved in karate. So it is important to learn from real karate master like M A Ali. He is not only a Karate legend but also does humanitarian works. ”

Arup  feels that in a society turning increasingly intolerant towards women, martial arts like Karate is a necessity.“Karate makes a person mentally and physically balanced and helps to maintain a focused mind” said Arup.

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