Valentine’s Day for the Elderly

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, every other place in the city has decked up in the color of the season and is ready to spread love. However, V-Day is mostly associated with the younger generation and  the celebration surrounding it often fails to highlight the various other forms of love that are equally important, if not more. The Yellow Turtle, an Asian retro-café at Purna Das Road broke away from the traditional celebration to do something phenomenal for this special day and hosted 3 couples from the old-age home Shantineer, on this occasion. Shantineer is an abode for senior citizens who have either been abandoned by their families or live there due to other unavoidable circumstances.

The Yellow Turtle decided to host these elderly and abandoned couples and remind them that they are cared for, and deserve to receive the love which they so lack from their families and close ones. The couples who came down to the restaurant spent a nice afternoon, interacting with the owner and the media. The restaurant took special care in arranging the food and catered to the health restrictions and needs of the senior citizens.

The owner Apeksha Lahiri said, “Candle-lit dinners, couple games and parties are always happening in the city. I thought of doing something that I actually cared about and my heart goes out to these couples who were so kind to come down to my cafe. Love does not have any age limit and I feel that seniors too need to be reminded that though they live in an old-age home, there are people who care about them. Not experiencing love from your family at their age is a terrible thing.”

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