User friendly Mobile Application for the Acutherapy Practitioners

Lee & Nee Software (Exports), a 33 years old Kolkata based software company has always been in the forefront for its innovative CSR approaches for the benefit of the society. Recently they have launched a mobile application as part of their CSR for The Salt Lake Kreation. This is an organization that works for the benefit of the common people by providing free Acupressure / Acupuncture treatments for a wide range of  diseases.
Trinity Saltlake Kreation is a mobile application developed by the highly skilled & experienced software team of Lee & Nee Software (Exports) Ltd. to minimize all the library needs of the Salt Lake
Kreation’s acutherapist. This app is super handy, consisting of all the information & treatment guidance for the practitioners so that they don’t need to carry the books all the time with them. With a user friendly interface this app provides smooth service to all the needs of the acutherapist at just the touch of the fingertips. LNSEL holds pride in associating themselves with such a noble social
cause as helping people who need acupuncture treatment.

“We are happy to be a part of Salt Lake Creation’s noble activity of helping people in distress. As a leading software company, we will continue tocontribute our services in such a way that they will be beneficial forthe people in society who need them,” said Mr. Mahesh Gupta, CEO ofLNSEL, at the launch event for the Trinity Saltlake Kreation mobile application.
As per Ms. Neelam Bubna from Salt Lake Kreation, “Acupressure is avast subject & consists of a number of categories, subcategories &treatment therapies. We had a huge amount of guidance literature whichhelped us understand which particular therapy is needed for thisparticular disease. During the time of lockdown, it had become reallyinconvenient for us to select the right literature from multipleoptions. We needed a one-stop solution where we could find all thedata together and operate it systematically. With the help of the Trinity Saltlake Kreation app, it has become really easy for us to treat patients. This app is a super time saver. In emergency cases, we can act fast and confidently as we don’t need to open books or e-books to know which therapy is needed for which disease. Now we don’t even need to carry our books every time we travel out of the city. We
heartily thank team Lee & Nee Software for understanding our needs and coming up with an amazing mobile app solution for us.“

Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd takes your business to the nextlevel with fast and cost-effective mobile app creation for every user at every platform, with an objective to deliver your products or services in the global market. As a leading mobile application development company, they promise to provide their clients withuser-centric mobile apps solutions in Kolkata.

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