Usage of Alternative Materials to make the product efficient, cost effective and light

EEPC India  Technology Centre in its endeavour to gear up its members for  4th Industrial Revolution, today organised a full day session on usage of Alternative Materials to make the product efficient, cost effective and light. CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research)’s AMPRI ( Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute) – country’s premier R&D Institution of Advanced Materials and Processes would impart the required expertise to EEPC India members to use the alternative materials for exportable products.

On this occasion an MOU has been signed between  Mr Adhip Mitra, Addl Executive Director & Secretary EEPC India and Dr S K S Rathore Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR- AMPRI on behalf of the respective organisations . The theme of MoU  was to educate MSMEs on Materials Science and Engineering to move up value chain for Sustainability to ensure high quality /standards of engineering exports.


Mr Ravi Sehgal, Chairman EEPC India welcoming the stakeholders  touched upon the significance of  MOU which will enable engineering exporters to benefit from eminent Scientists of  AMPRI     to bring improvement in  their production techniques using alternative materials.

 He added while Indian engineering exports have been growing by 10%  with variation, reaching a historic high of USD 81 Billion during FY 2018- 19, which is over 25% of India’s total exports.

 The  Department of Commerce has  conferred   a mandate to EEPC India to set up Technology Centres accross the country for helping,  the  MSMEs with  new technologies. As globally Industry 4.0 is the new buzzword. Indian MSMEs should leapfrog one generation. ”That is where EEPC Technology Centre comes in. EEPC India Technology Centre in Bengaluru and also the one we would be opening  shortly  in Kolkata ,  with a view  to  develop export product by  providing a forum for Industry and Academia discussion and learning” Mr Sehgal said at the seminar.

 Experts  from CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal deliberated  on ‘Application of advance light weight and smart materials’, ‘New class of composite materials for civil infrastructure’, ‘non-toxic radiation shielding materials from industrial waste’ and ‘utilization of fly ash for engineering application’.

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