‘Upcycling& Beyond: An Innovative Approach to Fashion’

At a Session organised by BHARAT CHAMBER Ladies Forum on ‘Upcycling& Beyond: An Innovative Approach to Fashion’ on December 03, 2019, three young women entrepreneurs of the city who have adopted sustainability and environment conservation in their fashion and clothingline showcased their unique innovations and expressed their thoughts behind their creation.

Focusing attention on the waste created by fashion industry, Ms. SujataChatterjee, Founder & managing Director, Twirl.Store stated, “Fashion is the second most polluting industry. One single cotton shirt requires water consumed by a person in two and a half years. At present we are witnessing a retail boom, where Consumers shop round the year whereas 60% of their clothing remains unutilized. This results in wastage of resources to a great extent. Upcycling of clothes to fashionable utility products reduces this wastage.”Ms. Chatterjee’senterprenurial venture Twirl.Store creates a platform to link those who have excess to those who don’t have any. The Store collects unused clothes through donation drives which are either provided to those in need or upscaled to be used for creating fashionable utility products. She has also been financially empowering talented young women with employment opportunities in her venture.

The Session also highlighted Ayurvedic and Organic fabrics that act as healing agents. Ms. Shaswaty Nair, Creative Dorector, Shrivatsa who has been working on development of Ayurvedic fabrics explained the curative aspects of Ayurvedic Cloth. Ms. Nair said, “We are presently working on five different fabrics – haldi, red sandalwood, basil, indigo and neem. Skin being the largest organ of our body, wearing clothes made out of such fabrics can be effective in curing a lot of ailments.”

Fashion Designer, MeghnaNayak, Founder, LataSita also spoke about the chemical emission and water consumption by the fashion industry.  Ms. Nayak stated, “People have pre-conceived notion about using old clothes. People will splurge on something branded and new rather than going for an upcycled indigenous product. Such products are extensively bought in international markets.”

The Session was graced by Ms. Aloknanda Ray, reputed actress of the Bengali film and T.V. industry. Ms. Roy observed, “The market is flooded with consumerism where people buy clothes impulsively. Further, advertisements on online shopping portals constantly nudge people to purchase in excess of their requirements. Recyclying is something that should be given a serious thought. These young entrepreneurs should be encouraged and acclaimed for their endeavours.”


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