Uni Bharat Marble rides on innovations, new product launches to drive growth


With a complete brand makeover and relaunch, Bharat Marble is now known by the name Uni Bharat Marble, but the legacy that is one of the major USPs of the brand continues with Uni Bharat Marble. From the time it was established, Bharat Marble has been evolving by embracing innovations, new infrastructure and business model. Quality and variety has always been the chief focus of this brand, hence they boast of some of the best quality tiles and sanitary wares available across the globe. Uni Bharat Marble believes in keeping in tune with trends and boasts of an amazing collection at a competitive price. For Uni Bharat Marble customer is of utmost importance, hence the brand has grown into one of the most loved brands in Kolkata. An exclusive interaction with the spokesperson .


What was the idea behind the renaming of the brand?

A name change can help create an identity and help to connect with its audience and position a company for greater success in the marketplace.

What kind of innovations has Bharat Marble done for its product line?

They have come with a series of products with unmatched innovation in new technology and new design styles. Bharat Marble products help to build green by providing products that are environmental friendly, Energy-efficient, water saving and Lead-free. They have advanced production equipment, intelligent detection system and the most advanced and complete testing laboratories.

Quality and design appear to be changing the dynamics of the business. What trends are you witnessing in the market?

Our industry is witnessing a boom growing at a 12-15% growth for the last couple of years. There are generally mixed forecasts regarding the potential for the housing market, an essential driver of replacement. The industrial market will continue to grow over the period. The new trend is that consumers tend to associate themselves with quality and well designed products. This has also increased the demand in the organized products.

Chinese tiles overtaking Indian natural marble industry. What are your thoughts?

Udaipur, a hub for natural white marble, once had over 600 industries in the city’s Marble Industrial belt. Unfortunately, half of these industries are forced to close down now due to lack of demand and are also replaced by Chinese tiles. Earlier each and every unit used to work in three shifts, 50 per cent of industries have been closed today and in running units, labours work only in one shift. Thanks to the Government of India by imposing Anti Dumping Duty on Chinese products India is now regaining back its position in the Natural marble industry.

What is your expansion strategy and how do you aim to cater to the diverse demands in the country?

With the increase in demand we are trying to associate our self with many brands which has modern technologies and new innovations. Looking forward to the retail segment, their demands, their requirements according with their budget and trending designs we are planning to come up with a new store in central Kolkata with the area of around 10,000sft very soon.

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