“Uma Asche” : An Ecstasy with Dhakis

Can we imagine our treasured festival Durga Puja without the maddening beats of the Dhaks? Every heart of Bengal knows how the men called Dhakis with their large drums and thin sticks infuse the frenzied rhythm into listeners to create the very festive aura of Durga Puja.

We all know quite well that the lamp which eradicates darkness never lives amidst blaze. It is only around this time of the year that the Dhaki, Bengal’s traditional drummer, can hope to be heard in the fully glory of his art form. So how bad is a Dhaki going to suffer during this pandemic?

“Uma Asche” delineates the sombre atmosphere of a Dhaki’s little hut. The piece is a Fable Frame Motion Picture LLP presentation which has been directed by Arindam Goswami and produced by Kanad Banik. A little boy inside the hut is the spokesperson of his community which is in a wretched condition being off work. The little boy thinks that he will not be able to play Dhak during the holy festival of Durga Puja and also he has a concern with his ailing paralyzed father. Whether they will together be able to Enjoy the same atmosphere this year 2021 or not and he gets this answer from the Deity herself. How does the Deity destine their lot?

The answer can be found on VIRINGI ,a very new YOUTUBE CHANNEL to be launched by FABLE FRAME MOTION PICTURE LLP on the auspicious occassion of Mahalaya. A bunch of fresh faces are going to be seen like Ishan Ghosh (little boy),Priyangshi Barick(little Maa Durga), Kanad Banik ( Paralyzed Father) and Simran Bhattacharya (Mother). The piece has been shot at Baruipur, Ghutiyari Sharif, Joka and Kheada village, Rajpur and Sonarpur.

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