udaan’s Daily Foods Business Volume Crosses 8000 Tonnes

udaan, India’s largest business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform,today announced that the transaction volume of Foods business comprising of FMCG, staples, and Fresh products on its platform has crossed 8000 tonnes per day. The volume of transaction handled on the platform in the Foods category makes udaan the largest grocery platform in the country. This volume is greater than the daily food consumption of Singapore/Denmark/Finland/Norway.


The udaan platform has witnessed a robust growth of over 500%in volume for the Foods business in the last two years. The platform has added over 50% buyers in the Foods business alone over the past six months during the pandemic. The platform has also witnessed a significant increase in repeat purchase from these buyers highlighting their confidence on the platform. On an average, the platform receives over 3 million orders a month in the Foods category itself across 50 cities.Overall, udaan enables delivery of over 1.5 lakh orders daily,spread over all business verticals across 900 cities nationally.


The platform has over 1.5 million kirana shops, HoReCa,farmers, placing orders and supplying food products, making udaan a leader in the food E-commerce business.The platform offers over 20,000 products from groceries, beverages, cereals, pulses, spices,edible oils, home & personal care categories, fresh, dairy,to a wide range of household products.


Speaking on achieving this milestone, Vivek Gupta, Head, Food Business,udaan said, “A key challenge in the foods business is timely access to the market. The lack of strong and reliable logistics network results in a significant percentage of these products getting wasted. udaan’s strong supply-chain network spanning 900+ cities, covering over 12,000 pin codesnot only ensures timely delivery, but also provides quality and fresh products to buyers at a better price.Our partner FMCG companies get direct and easy access to over 3 million kirana shops and retailers nationally on the udaan platform resulting in expansion of their target markets. The growth in food volumes at udaan highlights the confidence of partner FMCG companies, buyers, and sellers on our platform.This is in line with our vision to transform the trade ecosystem in the country leveraging the power of technology.”


udaan also provides marketing & sales support and facilitates efficient, transparent & convenient transactions. The platform offers best price, highest quality and widest selection of products to its network of retailers by connecting them to sellers, brands and manufacturers across the country. The platform’s SaaS offerings such as analysis of real time marketing feedback through app data analytics enables brands and manufacturers to make well-informed decisions about product launches and testing of new products in different markets. While the app-based pricing system gives better pricing control, the product listing advertisements and in-app advertisements encourages manufacturers to reach their targeted, specific, and ready-to-purchase retailers on the platform.

udaan is a one stop solution for all business requirements in B2B space. It has built inclusive tech tools for Bharat, specially catering to the needs of brands, retailers & manufacturers providing them a level playing field to scale, trade and grow business.


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