Turning Waste to Wealth, Energizing Youth, to Safeguard its Future

Today, on the occasion of the valedictory session of the four-day workshop ‘Waste to Wealth’ various products developed by the underprivileged children using waste materials were showcased to the public. Various products and decoration items developed by the children include a Flower vase, Dog and Cat Pen Stand, Mask, Photo frame, painted plates, carry bag etc.


As a part of Swachhata Pakhwada, Science City, Kolkata, a unit of the National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Government of India in collaboration with the National Sample Survey Office, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India organized a workshop ‘Waste to Wealth’ to train the underprivileged children for building art & craft items out of waste materials from July 10 to 13, 2023. Thirty Children of different age groups participated in this workshop, coordinated by three prominent NGOs of Kolkata, namely Humanity for You and Me (HUM), SOS Children Village and Tiljala Shed. The resource persons of Science City, Kolkata trained these children how to craft items from waste materials and helped them to develop valuable skills in creativity and problem-solving. A quiz in the form of a questionnaire has been conducted for the evaluation of understanding of environmental awareness. Two Puppet Shows on ‘Cleanliness’ and ‘Safe Environment’ were also organized to emphasize the idea of cleanliness and to raise awareness of the safe environment.


“Through this workshop, these underprivileged children will learn valuable life skills and gain confidence in their abilities and learn to create something beautiful out of things that were once considered trash. This will not only be helpful in achieving cleanliness but may also contribute to the economic development of this marginalized section of the society.”- said Shri Anurag Kumar, Director, Science City.


The Additional Director General, NSSO Shri P. Sangeet Kumar mentioned that several initiatives are taken by NSSO across the country to raise awareness about Swachhta. He wholeheartedly appreciated the role of Science City, Kolkata to execute this workshop as conceived. Shri Onkar Prosad Ghosh, Deputy Director General and the Chairman, Organizing Committee, Survey Design and Research Division, NSSO briefed how this initiative can lead to a circular economy in an environment-friendly way by handholding with different organizations of Govt. of India and common citizens of the country involving all concerned stakeholders. Shri Nimat Kumar Tudu, Deputy Director General and Chairman, Organizing Committee, Data Processing Division, NSSO said that the effort can be treated as one of the pioneering components in the Swachchta Movement in the country involving science, art and economics under one umbrella.


Swachhta” encompasses both physical and mental hygiene, extending beyond a one-day event to become a lifelong pursuit for individuals. In urban areas, the escalating issue of waste poses a significant challenge. Very few people are aware of its potential for reuse, a concept known as upcycling, which can lead to recycling and reuse of materials. To address this, NSSO and Science City, Kolkata have collaborated and organized this four-day workshop called ‘Waste to Wealth’. I hope the underprivileged children will be immensely benefitted from this initiative and learn a valuable skill for swachhata as well as for economic upliftment.” – said Shri Samarendra Kumar, DDG, National Council of Science Museums (NCSM).


More than 150 underprivileged children from different NGOs of Kolkata participated in the valedictory program.

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