Tulir Taney’s Children Shine in Annual Day Celebration

The Annual Function for Tulir Taney  is a much-anticipated event each year. After COVID-19 hiatus, the school was thrilled to once again give its differently-abled students a platform to showcase their talents – and they did not disappoint! The children mesmerised the audience with their performances.

Tulir Taney  was formed with a vision to create an inclusive platform where children with special needs along with other children can have equal opportunity to learn and perform.

The concept and choreography of the whole event was done by the founder and principal of Tulir Taney , Nupur Mukherjee. She said, ““It was a great opportunity for the children to showcase what they have learned,Such programmes are organised to instil a sense of confidence among the special children and make them a part of the mainstream society.”

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