Tulir Taney showcases talent through virtual performance

Tulir Taney has put up a virtual programme on 28th October at 5pm. The students have portrayed their talents in areas of dance, music and art from their respective places which they have learnt online from their teachers through virtual classes. Nearly there were 100 participants as said by Principal and Director Nupur Mukherjee. Our ex – students Aditya Chaudhuri enlightened this show with his wonderful performance all the way from Calgary and Tanaya Mukherjee Dasgupta with her spontaneous dance performance from Japan. Kathak gharana performance by Reshmi was very bold and eye catching. Nupur Mukherjee portraying the romantic rainy season with her excellent expressions and moves made us speechless.Needless to say that the editing done by Krittika Koley was outstanding which made the programme more worthy to watch.

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