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Today, TravelLive is celebrating its First Anniversary, in the presence of Sabyasachi Chakrabarti, Adviser, Brand Ambassador & Actor, Mithu Chakrabarty, Ridhima & Gaurav Chakrabarty, Brand Ambassadors, and Actors noted film personalities: Chandan Sen&Mumtaz Sorcar, along with Mahuya Sengupta – FounderDirector, Pinaki Mitra –Founder& CEO, and Ritam Saha – Manager, Passenger & Cargo Services, India, Nepal & Bhutan, The International Air Transport Association (IATA).

TravelLive had a fantastic first year of operation, taking travellers to 5 continents, 30 countries,
and over 150 locations.Speaking at the occasion Mr. Pinaki Mitra, Founder & CEO, TravelLive said, “TravelLive offers unexplored places, uncharted territories, and novel experiences. Spending the night in Glass-top igloos in Finland to experience Aurora Borealis, cruising to Arctic Circle among Polar Bears,sailing around Penguins in Antarctica., or jungle safaris in the rainforests of Borneo among
Orangutang families – we offer the exotic and the extraordinary.”

During the launch event, Mr. Sabyasachi Chakrabarti, Adviser & Brand Ambassador said, “My
My love for nature and forests is well known. I also have a passionate interest in wildlife photography.
The TravelLive team is very close to our family. I am taking an active interest in designing some
of the trips, especially those around forests and wildlife. Mithu and I will lead the tour of
Untamed Borneo that TravelLive will conduct. With TravelLive, our wait for wildlife safaris is
Ritam Saha, Manager, Passenger & Cargo Services, India, Nepal & Bhutan, The International
Air Transport Association (IATA), inaugurated the website of TravelLive. “TravelLive has tremendous promise. Based on their strong financials, and future projections, I foresee TravelLive to become the premier travel agency in Eastern India” – he said.Mahuya Sengupta, one of the Founder Directors said “Our heartfelt thank you to the hundreds of travelers who have trusted us as their travel partner.”

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