Towards a ‘Plastic Free’ Environment

Plastic is present in almost every aspect of modern life, from water bottles to aircraft. Without it, our lives would not be the same. However, it is now considered an environmental evil because of the havoc that plastic waste wreaks. We see it on our streets, in our rivers and lakes, on our beaches and even in our deepest oceans.

Usage of plastic is one of the major reasons for environmental pollution in India and this is wreaking havoc on the flora and fauna reserves across the globe. It’s been observed that even with the plastic ban in 25 states of India, 15000 tonnes of plastic is still procured from cities on a daily basis.

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, the founder chairman of International Assembly of Human Rights has taken up a Initiative to eradicate the use of plastic from our society. This awareness programme is about the hazardous effects of plastic on our society. An event started on 12 noon children participated with enthusiasm and they spoke on the dangerous effects of plastic, and recited poems on “No Use Of plastic” theme. The event was organised at 131 park street at the heart of the city, the stage was decorated beautifully depicting sea full of polythene with children and animal pictures on the backdrop, there was photo booth and a green zone where children stood up with placards and slogans on it to eradicate the use of plastic. Shri Navneet Pandey spoke on the topic and its effects on human life and the environment as well as distributed cloth bags to the general public around 500 clothe bags had been distributed by him and the members of IAHR . Vice-Chairman: Ex IGP- D.N. Biswas, Vice-Chairman B.K.Singh ( Advocate), General Secretary & Treasurer : Manmeet Singh, Ms Tanshi Agarwal- President, Women Youth Cell and Mr Avishek Karel (Coordinator) were present to make event successful.

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