Thriving 30 : Cardiac care destination

 CK Birla Hospitals – BMB, India’s first NABH accredited distinctive super-speciality hospital, focuses on cardiac care based on three key principals —clinical excellence, quality cardiac care and patient centricity. Catering to a wide spectrum of cardiac ailments in children and adults, the hospital has been providing quality cardiac care, diagnosis, treatment, and research on cardiovascular diseases for over 30 years. Patients from different walks of life from Eastern India and neighbouring countries have always considered the hospital to be their preferred cardiac destination. Eminent cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who have seen the evolution of cardiac science and have immensely contributed to this specialised field have given a second lease of life to numerous patients.

As BMB stepped into its thirtieth year, many of its patients today shared their experiences and affirmed their trust in doctors.  Many amongst them had almost given up on life. It was the tireless effort of team BMB comprising of skilled doctors and efficient nurses which was responsible for giving them a reason to live again. “I had almost thought of giving up my business but after being treated here I not only run my business but have also expanded it”, says Mr. TV Azam from Bangladesh the first patient to have a cardiac resynchronization therapeutic defibrillator (CRTD) implantation some twenty-five years back. A similar story was shared by Mr. Gopalika who underwent TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation), the most advanced procedure in Valve replacement.

Sharing the experience of having suffered a severe Heart attack at a tender age of only 23, Mr. Ghatta says “I could hardly think of having a heart attack as it is usually something which occurs at an advanced age but thanks to my cardiologist, who gave me a ray of hope, today I am fit as a fiddle”.

Little Anmol, the precious child of an aged couple, was diagnosed with a complex cardiac condition. After receiving consent from the parents, Anmol underwent an Arterial Switch Surgery. Cardiac surgeons at CK Birla Hospitals – BMB explained, “Such a rare defect-incidence happens to 1 in 3300 babies who will be born having TGA. To be honest, success rates in these cases are less. In the Western world, we have only 3% mortality, while in developing countries the figure stands at 15%. At this hospital, we went ahead with the Arterial Switch Surgery where our extremely skilled surgical team successfully switched the arteries to their natural positions and transferred the coronary artery without any damage during an intense 190-minute-long procedure with a cross clamp time of 85mins.”

Speaking on the occasion of 30 years’ celebration of BMB, Dr. Simmardeep Singh Gill, COO, CK Birla Hospitals gave an insight into what lies ahead for BMB in the not too distant future. In his words, “Since inception, this hospital has been committed to provide quality cardiac care, a focus from which we have not shifted. Today we can humbly say that we are the only super specialized cardiac care hospital in eastern India. In keeping with our unmatched clinical excellence, we hope to bring in new processes and technologies in the field of cardiac science. The trust of our patients in our clinical and nursing team have given us the strength to serve them for many years to come. On this joyous occasion, I would like to announce that this year we plan to offer thirty cardiac angiographies to deserving patients.” According to him, and rightly so, there is no greater gift than that of a good health.

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