This New Year, say “Hello” to your inner self

A Press Conference was organized by Shri Harit Ratna, Spiritual Educator. In this Press Conference he had guided people how they shall leave the old pain and misery behind in 2022, and move ahead with a fresh breeze of air. In 2023, they shall connect to their inner self and therefore move ahead with positivity. He stated different activities that one shall follow over the course of time through which the mind shall gradually start to focus upon things that matter.

It’s about time to bring the change within yourself. Be a part of Oneness to experience the same. Learn a way “How to live your life”. All you have to do is bring along your willingness.

Did you know that the answers to the most puzzling questions about life lie within yourself? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? After all, we often draw a blank when confronted with a challenging problem, question or issue. During these times, our mind is racked by confusion. We feel compelled to search for answers in our environment by consulting peers, experts, even the internet. Unfortunately, these answers are usually generic and do not take into account our specific circumstances. They are therefore unlikely to address our concerns in the long-term. How can we unlock the mysteries of life from our consciousness?


There are two “me”s. There is a “me” that’s external facing. This is the self that we present to the world. Then, there is a “me” that remains buried in our consciousness. The inner me is a repository of our dreams, values, experiences, passions, fears and other deeper facets of our identity. It is the treasure ground that contains the answers we are searching for. It is also the switchboard that we disconnect from because of the stresses, pressures and barriers of life. As a result, we cannot be the person we’re meant to be. So we languish. How can we connect to our inner self?

There is a meditation practice called “Silent Sitting” that provides a simple yet elegant method to deepen the bond with oneself. It is also a preparatory exercise to enter the meditative state of Dhyana. First sit in a comfortable position—either on a chair, a sofa or with your legs crossed. Then, close your eyes. Allow the canvas of your mind to get populated with different thoughts. Do not try to control, restrict or bypass them. Do not try to focus on anything. Simply let these thoughts float by your mind one at a time. Eventually, your mental space will become empty of thought and you will experience a deep sense of connectedness with the universe. This is the state of Oneness. A state of being of hyperconsciousness and supreme spiritual alignment. A meeting with your inner self. You may hear a voice that shares wisdom and direction. You may see a figure that shows you irrefutable truths. Regardless of the type of experience, you will feel immense calm, love and happiness. Carry out this practice for at least fifteen minutes each day. You will be speaking to your inner self every minute in the New Year.

“When the mind knows we call it knowledge, when the heart knows we call it love, when the being knows we call it meditation” said Shri Harit Ratna, Spiritual Educator.

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