Things you need to consider for sight safety

Eye Health is something that we often tend to avoid. However, it is our vision that helps us see and navigate our day to day life. Protecting them is paramount.  Lack of knowledge or awareness threatens the safety of our vision. Here are few tips that must be considered to keep your vision protected.

• Excessive nonstop use of computers or video display unit.

• Not taking frequent breaks in between using the computer and blinking and looking away at a long distance object / target after every 20 minutes , blink for 20 seconds and go back to the computer

• Do not fall asleep with your contact lenses on

• Never put a CL on a red eye

• Always remove eye makeup before going to sleep. This can clog up the openings of meibomian glands along the lid margins which causes chalazia or cysts

• Avoid dandruff. This is related to blepharitis along lash line

• Do not rub the eyes habitually. This can cause floppy eye lids and eventually can affect the corneal curvature and elasticity.

• Do not watch TV or an I Pad in a dark room causing eye strain and Computer Vision Syndrome

• Splash eyes with cool water. Occasionally do a warm compress of the eye lids with lid hygiene

• Take omega 3 in your diet. This is good for the overall health of the meibomian glands

• Not controlling diabetes and hypertension and not going for regular annual checkup’s can cause loss of vision from Retinopathy

• Being aware that other diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis can cause problems like Dry Eye disease is important

• Not knowing ones family history of diseases like Glaucoma which can be hereditary can lead to blindness as regular eye check ups are needed

Also, periodic eye check-up is essential. Any form of eye irritation, pain or other observed issues should be taken immediate care of.


Dr Nandini Ray, ophthalmologist, Fortis Hospital, Kolkata

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