Advances in Interventional Neurology

The 4th annual conference of Society of Therapeutic Neuro-intervention (STNI) has been organized this time in Kolkata, being held at Hyatt Regency, between 6th to 9th February, 2020. This prestigious CME is graced by illustrious national and international faculties and is a massive gathering of Neuro-interventionists (including Neuroradiologists, Neurologists and Neurosurgeons) from various parts of India and other SAARC countries, Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany & Italy.

Dr. Sukalyan Purkayastha, for STNI has said that neuro-intervention is the art and science of minimally invasive surgery for pathologies of brain and spine and has become the standard of treatment nowadays. A small access is achieved through a peripheral artery or vein, and devices like catheters and wires are introduced, hence eliminating the need of open surgery altogether and helping in faster recovery of our patients. Hence, the theme of STNI 2020 is ‘Happy Brain’, which explains the true essence of what we do.

As we delve into the complex realms of these diseases, we need a better understanding of when and how to treat these conditions. This program has been divided into various sessions of lectures from giants of neuro-intervention across the globe including the anatomy, pathology and treatment of complex neuro-vascular diseases including Stroke, Aneurysms, Arterio-venous malformations, and Tumors. There is provision for hands-on training with simulator sessions, live case demonstration by experienced neuro-interventionists and brain- storming sessions of discussion and debate with our senior faculty.

“We hope to raise awareness regarding the necessity of immediate recognition and treatment of these conditions among the masses. As the well known saying goes “time is brain”, earlier the treatment, better is the final outcome. Conditions like stroke due to blockage of brain artery or due to rupture of aneurysm, which is an abnormal ballooning of blood vessel wall, need treatment on an emergency basis, but many of these patients are lost or have poor prognosis due to delay in recognition and management. In this condition, we hope that this will be also very much important for general mass also since this discussion on the knowledge of the latest art of technic of treatment & prevention to our physicians, is very much necessary. Such conference is an important step to achieve this goal.”said Dr. Sukalyan Purkayastha.

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