“The prospects for healthcare education, especially in the fields of nursing and care-giving, are incredibly promising”

Interview of Nirmalya Nag, Chairman, Infinity Educare Group

How many Indian students go abroad for advance studies/higher education and professional degrees(like medical, engineering etc)?
Education Ministry told parliament last month that over 7.5 lakh students go abroad every year and the figure is even more than China with most international students in the US in 2022.
Out of this total number, how many go for pursuing medical and engineering courses?
Almost 20000-25000 Indian students go  abroad every year just to pursue medicine.
Since the inception of Infinity, how many students you have sent abroad so far?
Almost 4000 students have been placed successfully in various medical, Engineering, Management, Nursing Curriculum- evenly distributed in India and abroad. We have placed almost 1700 students in foreign countries like China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland, Kyrgyztan, Ukrain, Russia, Malaysia, France, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.
Do you notice any significant trend in this regard?
There has been a mix trend seen regarding students pursuing higher education abroad. With increasing competition, student are exploring various options both in India and abroad
based on their qualification, budget and eligibility criteria. In past few years, no of Medical Colleges in India has increased which has tend Indian students and parents to take Indian Medical Colleges as primary options, except those who are aspiring to be a doctor but unable to pay huge tuition fees in Pvt Colleges. Those student are opting for South Asian Countries like Nepal, China, Bangladesh which are cheaper, MCI listed and nearer to our country.
As far as other disciplines are concerned, students from elite society, A+ graded schools and colleges, keep on applying for various standardized test like GMAT, GRE, IELTS/TOEFL for Best University in the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, that suggest constant flow of Indian students in those countries. And it’s mostly because of better academic opportunities, career, prospects and availability of financial aid and Scholarship.
Covid must have been a very challenging and hard time for you. Has the business come back to pre�Covid level (or higher)?
Yes, Covid has been very challenging. Mainly for students who were already studying in China for MBBS. They had to come back to India and had to student the curriculum for 2 years from home.
Secondly, students and parents were scared initially and were reluctant to send their children abroad, moreover there was complete lock down due to which student Visa were not issued, student and academic coordinators were not allowed to move outside India. Similar trends were seen during Russia – Ukraine war. Almost 15000 students in Ukraine suffered because of this.
Now slowly everything is getting back to normal and we are getting queries and response.
 Is there any plans to get into Manpower/Recruitment business, because on completion of studies/acquiring degrees, the first thing these young talents look for is good employment?
Yes, Manpower and Recruitment go hand in hand with Academics. And we as a facilitator/mediator or consultant are working hard towards completing this chain of process, which is enrolling a student for a professional course like MBBS/ Nursing and then helping them to establish as a professionals. As we are in this industry of education and health for the last 15 years, we have identified the gap and we are going to find the solution for the same. We are looking forward for this venture of recruiting doctors, nurses and health care professionals for India and abroad.
You have recently forayed into healthcare education, skill development and so on. Could you throw some light on this? What exactly are you doing or do you propose to do?
Certainly, Dubai and UK-based ‘IANS team’, is interested in our recent initiatives. I am glad about that. At INFINITY, we’ve expanded our portfolio to include healthcare education and skill development as part of our commitment to offering comprehensive solutions to students and professionals seeking growth opportunities in India & abroad.
In response to the growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals, we’ve introduced specialized training programmes in healthcare, nursing, and related fields. Our curriculum is designed to provide hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills that align with industry standards. We aim to bridge the gap between education and employability by ensuring our graduates are not only academically strong but also equipped with the practical skills demanded by the healthcare sector.
Furthermore, our skill development initiatives focus on enhancing employability across diverse industries. We offer training programs in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring that participants are equipped with the necessary technical and soft skills. This empowers them to confidently step into the job market or advance in their careers.
Our commitment to excellence remains unchanged. We’re excited to share our journey into healthcare education and skill development with you, and we’re confident that our collaboration will yield positive outcomes for both our organizations.
With demand for nurses and care-givers booming, how do you see the prospects of these new areas, going forward?
The prospects for healthcare education, especially in the fields of nursing and care-giving, are incredibly promising, and the demand is only expected to grow further. As the global healthcare landscape evolves, the need for skilled and compassionate professionals in these areas becomes paramount.
With the demand for nurses and care-givers booming, we see several positive trends shaping the prospects of some of these new areas.

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