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TuriyaTalks, a platform for motivation, knowledge and wisdom, where the guests shed light on issues perturbing our lives,  was started in May 2020. Since its inception, the objective of TuriyaTalks is to spread positivity among people from different arenas across the globe in this pandemonium.  We noticed that the pace of activities slowed down because of the lockdown and negativity was at its peak. 2020  has been the most abnormal year so far, affecting our lives like none other. We have found ourselves battling the pandemic, both in work and in personal lives. The guests intend to empower our audience with coping mechanisms, so that, not only do we survive this pandemic with courage, but grow through it.
“We introduced TuriyaTalks welcoming guests who are inspirational, knowledgeable and are uplifting the scenario during COVID19. Our first season was on “Knowledge Sharing’ where we invited major influencers to share information on varied topics to enlighten and attract our audience,” said Sandhya Sutodia, co-founder, Turiya Communications LLP, a Kolkata-headquartered communications agency. We started to make our mark and decided to comeback with Season 2 of TuriyaTalks.The theme was “Sharing Wisdom” where our main objective was to share the motto that every individual can make the correct decision to conquer the dilemma in their lives. Some renowned personalities such as Mr. Buroshiva Dasgupta,  Mr. Parul Soni & Mr.Shantanu Srivastava have come on our show and shared their wisdom on their respective fields. Our esteemed guests on TuriyaTalks have been able to convey their opinion and have their voice reach a wide range of audience. ‘Cope with Hope’ was the theme of Season 3 where the aim was to let people know how to cope with tough situations as the lockdown was  extended. Esteemed guest speakers were invited to discuss topics which are ‘on demand’ such as Video Conferencing-The New Access to Justice – by Yadunath Bhargavan; Pandemic- Light at the end of the tunnel – by Dr. Kunal Sarkar and many more. Our engagements have reached over 5,00,000 connections through different social media marketing and email  strategies. ‘Voice your Notion’ was live on YouTube, from 1st August  where several influencers started voicing their opinions and provided actionable solutions. Listening to them enabled many of us to fight and conquer the adversities better.  August  being the month of freedom, reflects the idea that we all can voice our opinion. Our team at Turiya Communications, joined by our esteemed guests, shed light on issues perturbing our lives. The objective was to make our lives fruitful, positive and confident. The month of independence was celebrated with our esteemed guests to enable all to shine in spite of the difficult times we are encountering. Freedom from adversaries was the motto,” said Sandhya Sutodia. We should motivate ourselves from within, avoid being surrounded by negativity and enjoy our life with what we have, but we should never stop dreaming for a better future. Season 5 is up and running, it is further learnt.
As per the response and demand from the audience, we have increased the number of episodes to 3 per week in Season 4. “We would continue the series with different seasons bringing out various aspects of the present scenario in the global economic spectrum and continue to engage more connections and build a strong reputation in the digital marketing industry,” she added. Turiya Communications LLP holds a better position in the society because of the issues that have been addressed and our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia says “Life is too short to live the same day twice”, she concluded.

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