The fascinating story of the rise of Targetball

Targetball is a traditional Indian sport that has been played since 2012. The Targetball game was created by Sonu Sharma. The objective of the game is to throw the Targetball, into the target ring.Although still largely unknown, a big part of what makes Targetball appealing to new fans is the sheer simplicity of the game and it being injury free.
“We want the sport to grow. We are planning to have TPL (Targetball Premier League ) soon.I see a huge potential for this sport here and with the support of the government we will be able to make it a huge success.Within a short span ,it’s grown from season to season and has manifested itself in terms of more people playing with deeper engagement each season, so it certainly stands out as a successful sport with most of the neighboring countries playing Targetball now. The game was recognised by School Games Federation of India (SGFI) ” said Sonu Sharma, the Secretary-General of Bhartiya Targetball and Founder & President, Int Targetball Fed.The Federation is trying to create the ecosystem to encourage Targetball talent in the country. They are doing workshops in various schools.  Sonu Sharma added “It is now the right time to set such academy to raise the level of Targetball in India. It will create an option for Indian kids to explore their talent in this new form of sport.”

Recently, Indian Male and Female Targetball squad won the  1st Indo-Bangla International Targetball Championship at Dhaka.

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