The Derma Co. launches India’s first masterclass on skincare actives

Science-based skincare brand The Derma Co., announced the launch of India’s first-ever masterclass on active ingredients for skincare. With eleven modules of pre-recorded sessions by cosmo-dermatologist, Dr. Deepika Shetty is an exclusive property with access given by invitation only.


Active ingredients have become an integral part of skincare and while it’s present in many products now, there is a dearth of knowledge on efficacy, ideal concentration, and ingredient pairing. The masterclass looks to build an ecosystem of well-informed and educated content creators and beauty custodians. This masterclass will help beauty and skincare creators with information that helps them choose ideal products for their skin and be equipped to create better content.


The Derma Co. Masterclass will demystify active ingredients and simplify them to make them easy to understand. Each module of the TDC Masterclass focuses on skincare actives and simplifies the usage, application, must-dos, and routines to follow. Dr. Deepika Shetty busts many skincare myths and has shared some very insightful tips to pairing and layering these actives to solve skin concerns and achieve the best results.


“The Derma Co has always been honest with its consumers about the active ingredients we use in each of our products. We work with trusted dermatologists to ensure that our consumers get safe and effective, hard-working products. Our mission has always been to educate users through creative and snackable content. This masterclass is an attempt to empower creators to learn collaboratively so that they can talk about skin actives confidently as The Derma Co Masterclass certified attendees. It will enable creators to showcase their knowledge better and encourage everyone to embrace their #filterfree skin.” said, Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, The Derma Co.


Dr. Deepika Shetty comments Skincare has evolved extensively, with a vast variety of actives available for each skin type and concern. However, actives can be a tricky subject and become difficult to comprehend. Most of the information on the internet is purely word say, an organic perception by some people or viewpoint without validation hence there is a gap of such information from an authentic source. The Derma Co Masterclass is a great platform that intends to provide verified information in an easily understandable manner. While simplifying skincare actives during the eleven modules for everyone, I felt like a skin guru where I was busting common myths and endorsing skincare must-dos. Every module has something in store for the attendees. This is a unique yet insightful course that I would urge every skincare junkie to take up. I am sure people will find value in this masterclass and enjoy it as much as I did while making it”


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