The 3rd G20 Infrastructure Working Group Meeting begins in Rishikesh

Under India’s G20 Presidency, the 3rd G20 Infrastructure Working Group Meeting is been convened from June 26 – 28, 2023 in Uttarakhand,  Narendra Nagar. Around 63 delegates from G20 member states, invited countries, international organizations, eight invited countries, and various institutions are participating in this meeting.


The first session of the meeting discussed basic infrastructure development in cities along with financing principles for future cities. The discussion focused on shaping the urban landscape for a better future with a focus on inclusivity, resilience, and sustainability. The second session, co-chaired by Brazil, focused on the topic of financing cities of the future.


The first day of the meeting focused on the inclusive development of cities of the future, the role of technology, Infratech, and digitization. The development model of Nusantara, one of the world’s most ambitious cities in Indonesia was also explained to the G20 delegates.


Along with this, deliberations were held on how to develop future cities so that the people living there get equal facilities, an increasein participation of private institutions, and their contribution to the infrastructural development of cities.Furthermore, mutual harmony to fight natural challenges as well as infrastructural development of cities in partnership with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was discussed during this meeting.


A seminar to discuss making the country an MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overall) hub in civil aviation will take place on the second day of the meeting. The seminar will have discussions on how the number of aircraft in the country is continuously increasing but at present, we are dependent on other countries for maintenance, repairs, and other work. Various experts will present their views on how we can decrease the dependency on other countries for the maintenance of aircraft.


On the sidelines of the meeting, the G20 delegates will experience the rich culture and majestic landscapes of Rishikesh. Further, the delegates will also visit Oni village, the model village of Uttarakhand on the last day of the meeting.


The outcomes of the Infrastructure Working Group will feed onto the priorities of the G20 Finance track and promote infrastructure development. Earlier, the first G20 Infrastructure Working Group meeting was held in Pune while the second meeting was held in Visakhapatnam.

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