Tennis Icon “Sania Mirza” drinks ‘Evocus’ black Alkaline water and says “Its More Than Water”

With a super successful career and becoming the poster girl of Tennis in India, ace Sania Mirza was spotted at her Farewell press conference drinking “Evocus”. She laughs when one of the media asks what black liquid she is drinking and says “Its Black Alkaline water that’s more than water but it is water”.


Well, this isn’t the first time we have seen our celebrities drinking Black Alkaline Water. Many other celebrities have also been spotted vouching for Black Alkaline Water which is considered to have a high pH of 8+ and essential Minerals that provide multiple health benefits. The much-hyped Black Alkaline Water label- ‘Evocus’ contains ultra-hydrating, detoxifying and anti-ageing properties. Due to its high pH it reduces acidity, the 70+ minerals present in the water boosts your  metabolism and keeps you active and alert all throughout the day.


Where a normal water comes with a pH of 7 and zero minerals, Black Alkaline water comes with a pH 8 to 8.4 and 70+ minerals that creates an environment within the body which is less acidic, well hydrated and detoxed, and said to improve the bodily functions.


Well with so many celebs already hopping to this healthy water, it seems ‘Black Alkaline Water’ soon will become a ‘new normal’ of drinking water.

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