Techno Global Hospital (Salt Lake) SubodhMitra Cancer Unit : ‘Humane face of Healthcare’

Techno Global Hospital (Salt Lake)is the newest feather in the cap of Techno India Group. Subodh Mitra Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, a known name in oncology treatment for years, has been rechristened as Techno Global Hospital (Salt Lake)after acquisition by Techno India Group, and it is being restructured into a multispecialty centre of medical excellence. The first phase of Techno Global Hospital (Salt Lake) commences its journey on September 17, 2020 as a 40-bedded hospital with urgent care facilities and state-of-the-art equipments. Within a year the second phase will be set up, with an addition of 50 more beds and more modern medical facilities.

Techno Global Hospital (Salt Lake) will run under the valued guidance and mentorship of Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, and the able supervision of Dr. SubhasishGanguly.A team of expert doctors, with fully functional well-equipped OPD and IPD will cater to the needs of the society at large .

In a time when the demand for affordable healthcare facilities has risen by leaps all over the world due to the coronavirus outbreak, Techno Global Hospital (Salt Lake) is like a breath of fresh air for middle class families seeking advanced medical treatment at a reasonable cost.

For last six years, Techno Global Hospital (Barrackpore) is serving the Health sector of the state with much repute. A panel of specialist physicians are the valued assets of our group guiding us through this new venture with their vast experiences. Over the last six months, the 200+ bedded Techno Global Hospital (Barrackpore) has been operating as a Covid Hospital and has secured 1st grade in treating patients, therefore ranking 16 as per patient admission ratio amongst all Covid hospitals in West Bengal.

On the auspicious occasions of Mahalaya&Viswakarma Puja, Techno India Group is ceremonially launching Techno Global Hospital (Salt Lake), the ‘Humane face of Healthcare.’

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