TAVI, alternative to open heart surgery

Trans Aortic Valve Implantation / Replacement or TAVI / TAVR is an interventional procedure for repairing of heart valves. ‘TAVI Now – Kolkata Chapter’ is a step towards creating a forum to discuss & learn about the latest procedural advances and scientific evidences in the field of TAVI. Human heart is divided into four chambers. Two atria and two ventricles have four openings with a valve.

The valves act as a slues gate to control the blood flow to the chambers. If due to age or any causes there is any defect to any valve, the oxygenated and carbonated blood is mixed and the blood circulation system has been hampered. This disease is called valve stenosis. If the problem occurs to the aortic valve, this is called ‘Aortic Valve Stenosis,’ which is a life threatening problem. Various symptoms are seen to the persons having defective cardiac valves. Generally these are shortness of breath, weakness, palpitation etc. Some one feels chest pain, someone may faint suddenly, or one may not reach to the regular activity level. But it is also true that many patients of valve stenosis have no symptoms. In some cases, the disease increases very slowly and the symptoms are shown at lower rate. But if these valves related problems are neglected, it may be the cause of fainting or sudden cardiac death.

Dr. P K Hazra has said that conservative treatment of cardiac valve repairing has done through open heart surgery. It is not yet done to the aged and high risk patients. But the interventional procedure TAVI is applicable to all patients. In this procedure like traditional angioplasty, a device like stent has been implanted to the defective cardiac valve through catheter as replacement. The catheter is entered through groove. Since it is interventional procedure and no blood-loss and wound occur, patient recovers very soon and returns to his natural or working life.

DR. Dilip Kumar has stated that the procedure has been succeeded to all type of patients like eighty years old man, chronic diabetic or dialysis patients. So the treatment of cardiac valve problems is now easy and possible to all age and all types of patients. Dr. Dr. P k Hazra, Dr. Dilip Kumar, Dr. Kunal sarkar, Dr. Sunip Banerjee, Dr. AB Gopalamurugan, Dr. A sreenivas Kumar, Dr. Vijoy Iyer, Dr. Anil Mishra and other legendary interventional cardiologists cardiac surgeons of the country has been participated to the discussion and meet the press.

The discussion on the knowledge of the latest art of technique of treatment & prevention on cardiac valve problems to our physicians, is very much necessary. Such conference is an important step to achieve this goal.

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