Tata Steel’s Nest-In is producing Isolation and Quarantine cabins for Covid-19 treatment facilities

As part of its resolve and efforts to strengthen India’s healthcare infrastructure, Tata Steel has designed and developed quarantine cabins and isolation cabins, to enable key infrastructure that can be used to treat Covid-19 patients. The newly designed offerings are also a part of Tata Group’s efforts to fight the pandemic.

Tata Steel has worked on engineering the design and supply chain, and is offering this solution through its brand ‘Nest-In’, part of the Services & Solutions portfolio. This construction solution unit has also leveraged expertise of Tata Steel’s New Materials Business and the Tubes Strategic Business Unit.

Tata Steel is already serving a major order through Nest-In, and is currently in the process of supplying Isolation & Quarantine cabins for a 550-bed isolation facility. The entire facility, which spans 80,000 square feet, is being set-up in just 60 days. Another order for quarantine cabins is being serviced in the north-eastern part of India.

P. Anand, Chief, Services & Solutions, Tata Steel said: “As the nation faces one of the most challenging times in history, it is our endeavour to provide the best physical infrastructure to augment the larger efforts undertaken across the country to treat and contain Covid-19. The quarantine and isolation cabins designed and manufactured by Tata Steel’s Nest-In will be a key aspect of these efforts. We strongly believe innovation is best achieved when inspired by a crisis and our expert professionals are leaving no stone unturned to deliver customised solutions to the healthcare sector in this hour of crisis. We are committed to creating solutions for any industry who needs support to contain the spread of Covid-19.”

Tata Steel is delivering tangible impact through its expertise and specialty products, and contributing towards tackling the Covid-19 crisis, by creating customised solutions for the healthcare sector. Creating solutions powered by innovation and collaboration is at the core to combat the crisis.

The present manufacturing facilities can supply up to 25 quarantine/isolation cabins every week, which can house 125 beds. Tata Steel’s Nest-In has enabled smooth manufacturing and timely supply of quarantine and isolation cabins across the country. The Company is in discussions with health authorities to explore the possibility of setting-up Nest-In Covid-19 units across different parts of the country.

Tata Steel is open to creating such customised construction solutions for multiple sectors and forging collaborations that will aid in containing the spread of Covid-19 and enable safety of healthcare professionals and frontline warriors. Nest-In has already supplied portable toilets in Sambalpur and ICU Cabins in Ramgarh.

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